London Riots - What a crock of shite!

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    Some ghetto trashbag gets shot by the police. The ghetto trashbag's ghetto trashbag family wants 'justice' and start rioting. Ghetto trashbags from all over London thing its a great excuse to start looting and beating up randoms and the police. The police can't do shit and yeah, everywhere is getting looted and thrashed. Yay for pussy laws!
  2. Oh, never seen this thread before
  3. i still can't over how ridiculous this shit is. at least you know anyone participating in the riots is someone who should probably be in jail anyway. thanks for pointing yourselves out, intelligent successful african americans.
  4. There probably aren't many african americans in London.
  5. thats the politically correct way of saying niggers. they dont even have to be black
  6. This reminds me of the L.A. riots in the early 90's. The Brits should use the military to control the rioters.
  7. Theres riots in England? Over what, tea time?
  8. happens everywhere, people are dumb

    look at him, hidin' under a blanket while being indoors

    wtf man wtf
  9. im very surprised it took this long for this thread. If this happened in America#1, 5 threads would have popped up the moment it hit 4chan.
  10. just send in america to free everyone
  11. maybe your police should carry GUNS
  12. Nah, they should ban guns so things like this can't happ... oh... wait..
  13. at least it wasnt a knife crime. britain leads the world in those.
  14. Yeah, and if they didn't ban guns this wouldnt ahppen
  15. u can tuch mah bum
    but u can nevah tuch MAH PEENNAAAAAAHHHHH
  16. why dont the idiots ban nifes!
  17. Seriously why are the English rioting? They have it good, yeah they have a nanny state over their shoulders with the CCTV cams and the silly no mocking of government/talking of the parliament or the crown in a satirical way and in general pretty shitty protections on speech, but that's not what this is about.
  18. good point since he wasnt shot with a gun and...oh....wait....
  19. Indeed, because guns could never save a store owner from being robbed and his place of business burned down, further throwing the economy into the shitter... oh, wait.

    And, the hooligan would probably have killed the cops if not for guns that killed him.
  20. Oh, and if they had banned guns, they could have stopped the rio.. oh, wait
  21. you dont need a gun
    the police will protect you
  22. no mocking of government
    go to hyde park on a sunday maybe
  23. what? the whole point of the [initial] riots was that some ghetto kid got shot by a rozzer [lol]

    and now etb is having a whole no gun thing going on?
  24. I've actually been to Hyde Park on a sunday, that was a great experience. Actual soapboxes, I learned where the phrase came from.

    But seriously, are you about to say that the UK doesn't have wider restrictions on free speech than the US? They censored an entire Jon Stewart segment for showing a clip of parliament within.
  25. Yeah there is obviously something underlying this that is fueling the continuing riots.

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