London Riots - What a crock of shite!

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  1. so did they riot last night(UK)/ tonight (US)?
  2. jah

    16,000 cops mobilized
    100-something cops wounded
    almost 700 people caught

    why doesnt this sound efficient to me
  3. also, more deaths in birmingham

    edit: riots in manchester too last night

    edit: and wolverhampton and leicester and and and
  4. they should let ryanator (or maybe even adrian) run the police
    theyd probably be able to run at least a 3:1 ratio of arrests
    some cops arent pulling their weight, probly F2P
  5. Tottenham have just signed a new black Italian striker called Grabatelli
  6. Manchesters gay village was hit by the riots last night, not too much damage though, just a few back doors smashed in
  7. So someone shoots a polar bear in the head in Norway and it's fine. But shooting a baboon in the head in Tottenham and it all kicks off!
  8. pretty lol that they won't use watercannons, because they were used in northern ireland and it's somehow wrong to use it on the mainland lol.
  9. irish are terrified of water
  10. so are black people
  11. they are terrified of doing a days work
  12. and a few cars on fire
  13. flaming cars*
  14. Go and smash the bastard's face in with a wrap of ham and bacon, screaming Asalam-Alakum
  15. I hope they postpone the kickoff of the premier league a bit, or else there are no hooligans left on the street to protect the citizens and shops from chavs/everyone
  16. I hope they dont!!
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  18. Also loling at my friends facebook status.. That Thomas guy is her boyfriend lol
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    oh lol

    Libya Calls for British PM to Resign Over Riots
    10/08/2011 13:25:00
    The Libyan government Wednesday called for British Prime Minister David Cameron to step down, saying that because of the riots shaking Britain, he had "lost all legitimacy".

    Libya's deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim told th Libyan news agency, JANA: "Cameron and his government must leave after the popular uprising against them and the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations by police. Cameron and his government have lost all legitimacy," he said.

    Kaim went on to say: "These demonstrations show that the British people reject this government which is trying to impose itself through force." He called on the UN Security Council and the international community to not stay with its arms crossed in the face of the flagrant violation of the rights of the British people.

    Britain is one of the first states to recognise the rebels' National Transitional Council as Libya's legitimate government, and on Tuesday even officially gave the go-ahead for the NTC to take over the Libyan embassy in London.

    With France, Britain are spearheading NATO's aerial bombing campaign against the Libyan regime since March, when the United Nations approved action to protect Libyan civilians.
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  21. i agree
    ff off too
  22. ugh why do they talk like that
  23. Like what?
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  25. Like human scum

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