London Riots - What a crock of shite!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Metamorphosis, Aug 8, 2011.

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  2. Toronto could help London.

    Armor plated cavalerie + flashgrabs, this will terrorize them.
  3. flashgrabs
  4. Did you see that? Blue caravans going through crowd, opening doors ; 4 gorillas go out, grab 1-2 person and then leave. In like 10s
  5. I did not, but it sounds pretty badass.
  6. it was awesome.
  7. actual gorillas
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    "Everything must go: A youth poses with a large sack of Tesco Value Basmati rice on the third night of rioting in London, proving that items need not be valuable to be targeted by looters"

    Yeah if shit is hitting the fan in my town why would I ever want rice? Might as well go get a more valuable iPad or start storing gold and silver plates like AP.

    But yeah lol at London. It's funny because I don't live there.
  9. they 'may' use watercannons in the future
    what kinda weak ass threat is that
    they should have rolled those out a week ago

    right now they should have a sniper shoot a looter
    just shoot one, pretty sure it ends
  10. I'm not surprise loiters left the book store alone.
  11. Yeah, because looters are displaying such high levels of rational thought already.
  12. they all already have the ebooks on their iPhonses!
  13. watercannons aren't terribly useful then the rioters are mobile and running from place to place
    only good with fat americans standing in one place (near a mcdonalds)
  14. The police should just burn down a KFC
    Give them a taste of their own medicine
    That will teach them
  15. oh
    then shoot them
  16. If the police in your country would just shoot people on a more regular basis, you wouldn't have this problem. #$%#, there's probably a police related shooting every week here in Southern California, you know what the result was? A thirty second clip on the news with the family members crying talking about how there some was a good boy and just was expressing himself by stealing someone's hard earned money, vandalizing publicly funded property, and generally annoying people with their shitty choice of music. If cops just shot more people, it would be the greatest thing to happen to this country. Less tax dollars would be spent on prisons,courtroom hearings, and cleaning up graffiti. Republicans would be happy because less money would be spent, and Democrats because urban America would be a better place to live in. Underachieving urban schools would excel because all the kids who normally skip class or bullshit during studies would be too scared to not stay in school. Think about it, would you want to be the truent tagger getting shot by a SWAT team because they think that the spray can you hid in the hoodie is a hand grenade? #$%# no. And if you really are so stupid to get killed by the cops, society will be bettered by the lack your existence. So in short, I hope people riot, viciously, through the streets, and in return I hope the police respond appropriately, with overwhelming firepower. Take aim and God's speed mother #$%#ers.
  17. instead of watercannons they should just give out watermelons
  19. This.
  20. lol @ wasting police and swat resources chasing tagging teens
    if you want this approach get the government to fund 3x as many police officers
  21. thanks for this moronic post, idiot
  22. If the Police had carte blanche to shoot people, the numbers of recruits would sky rocket. Because there would be a steady stream of people wanting to join the Police force, they might be able to get away with giving them shittier wages.
  23. I don't want to live in Syria.
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