Long distance relationships

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  1. It's mostly because both parents are working to have a reasonable living, while in previous decades the man earned enough for a family, no matter what job they had. If you don't earn enough now, you're in a shitty neighborhood the rest of your life and you know your children simply won't be safe there.
  2. If trust and doubt about whether one or the other is creeping about is an issue then a ldr is not for you.

    It has worked for me since we are always working and we both know what the other is doing all the time and communication is not an issue. Contrary to what webber f1 said, you really have to be a man about it if you really like the person and she's a good girl. If you're the type that misses people all the time and gets lonely easily, it is definitely not for you.

    Honestly, I would echo Wheelman's post #16. If you're seriously contemplating it you should weigh how seriously you take this relationship, how often you would see this girl and if there are plans for being together later on.
  3. I totally, totally agree, thats a huge part of it. Also an issue is that young men are finding it hard to find good enough paying jobs, and house prices/rent are too high for them to want to move out of home and become independent when they turn 18. It's a real machismo killer.
  4. Yes. Several years but it didn't work since we could not work out wear to live and work and the future and stuff. Such sadness. Much cry. Very airline ticket.

    Good experience altogether but would not do again.
  5. Even the slender ones?

    Are they all like the frumpy gross chicks in the Zanger Rinus videos?
  6. hahah. not all of them of course, but a lot of them got a bit too carried away. yelling, swearwords, no manners in general etc. oh and sluttyness of course

  7. The way I look at it is this...

    Most people are stupid, so right away you have to figure that roughly 60% of all girls (and guys, but for the purposes of starting a relationship we're not worried about the men here) are no good because you're not simple.

    Of the 40% that are left, probably half of them are overweight, so that's no good. They might be nice people, but if you're not attracted to them, it's not gonna work.

    Of the 20% that are left, weed out the crazy ones, the vegetarians, the ones who have been raped, the ones with daddy/family issues, the ones who were picked on in highschool, the ones with weird health problems, the feminists, the environmentalists, the ones with tattoos, the ones that live far away, girls from different religions, the ones who already have kids, and any other aspects that might be a source of consternation for you...

    and you're left trying to find one of the remaining 5% who you think is just right and half of those might also like you back.

    You're looking for a needle in a haystack. It sounds ridiculous, but if you want a stress-free life, you've gotta be discerning.
  8. well said
  9. well said
  10. That's pretty much correct yes.
  11. Was being a housewife that common in dutchland?

    Here most females have had jobs for quite a while. Like since late 19th century.
  12. Yeah. My mom stopped working when she got me and my brother. Started working again when i was 16 or so.
  13. Exactly the same here, we weren't rich (at all), but we were doing ok as a family without 2 working partners. Though some women would do volunteer jobs at schools and such, usually the worst kind, I hated those school mums as a kid. Most of them were powerhappy ogres.

    What's worse is when people have become busier to maintain a similar kind of lifestyle, it means they have less time for other things, such as political activism or taking care of kids (daycare is boooooming/expensive as #$%#). Everyone's so #$%#ing passive while this country goes to shit.

    edit: I like how my sister and her bf do it for my nephew, working 4 days a week each and on Fridays it's grandparent day, absolutely bypassing the typical daycare ordeal. I must add they live in a reasonably young (population) neighborhood with more kids that are a little bit under or over his age, so I think that's gonna work out fine.
  14. This is a lot of back and forth, back slapping and nods.

    And to my knowledge, none of you losers are married.

    Leave the speculative horse shit in Cosmo. I don't know why i bother.
  15. How the sugary #$%# would you know.
  16. Sorry for that outburst. It's difficult coming to grips that 15 years of talking to you people has taught me nothing about how to get along with bantering imbeciles stuck in a feedback loop.
  18. Quite a few people here are married, some with children.

    Why you bother, that I don't know. But my best guess would be that you enjoy being a **** a bit too much which is why you keep coming here to behave like one.
  19. Tell me how you've changed, you forum breaking king of ****s. You're little tirades were a core cause of ghosting of this town.

    And which of our well informed long distance experts enjoy the fulfilling contentedness of marriage? You've all had ample opportunity to get results, but the lot still seem like the same lonely troupe only older. Wonder why that is.. Couldn't be their own fault, surely.
  20. Sounds like you're feeling a little unfulfilled with your own performance the last 15 years.

    You still an overweight, shabbily dressed metalhead lookin #$%#er with weird long hair? If so, the perpetual loneliness that goes along with such a stubborn display of devotion to looking awful would totally explain you crankiness, and I for one would excuse your little tantrum.
  21. Yes, I am well aware that all that oh-so-sexy pokémon xxx didn't do much good for the forum.

    How have I changed? In many ways. The most important one is not being depressed anymore thanks to some effective treatmens.

    I'm under the impression that Wheelman, Drano, Scraps, NB, Stangman and myself are married. Stangman isn't officially married but has been in a relationship longer than any of us. There are others but I can't remember their names.

    I have seen enough relationships to know that there are a myriad of those. I do not agree that marriage is the only way to being content any more than I would advocate the kind of relationship that's a mere contract between two superficial and slightly narcissistic individuals to improve their social status. But who am I to say that having a piece of pretty property to dangle in front of your air force buddies and to take to high society gatherings wouldn't be the best relationship for some?

    I don't have any problems with you on a personal level, I just do not see the logic behind coming here once in a while only to insult everyone while asking "why I bother?". Why indeed?
  22. Whether they're happy or not is irrelevant. Part of being a man is taking a chance on happiness and making a conscious decision to pursue it according to one's own liking.

    Everyone lives however they see fit. I for one agree with most of the things Wheelman says. It doesn't mean that what he says will work for everyone. Far from it, you do whatever the #$%# you want to do. Advice is just advice.
  23. I see no men here.
  24. You're so in tune with the universe.
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