Long live the vipers

Discussion in '2001 Ferrari 550 GT' started by westiedog99, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Vipers out preform this car in ever way.
  2. Re: Long live the vipers

    I don't suppose you watch much in the way of racing. In Europe, the Viper could only beat this car when it had technical difficulties.

    And for the sake of "long live the Vipers", the Vipers didn't win a single ALMS race this year, Corvette and Saleen shared the victories, with Saleen taking the overall crown.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah. Team Oreca did a great job with their Vipers but they're not racing them anymore because of cutbacks. The only ones I've seen racing since 2000 are private team cars that usually don't last too long. Give the Ferrari a little time and I'm positive it will emerge on top.

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