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  1. Look at the Power and then look at the weight. over 300 hp and over 3000 lbs. It is around 9Lb/1hp. That isnt that good for a car like this. It isnt horrible but it should be improved.
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    The power to weight is perfectly fine. 350hp, 360ft-lbs, and 31xx pounds. It still gets to 60 in under 5 seconds, 18/27mpg, and handles great too. All brand new starting at 42K is awesome.
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    Actually despit what you might have heard Vettes are an American car..... they cant go around a track good at all.
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    Yes they can.
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    The ones that are made to can but belive me completely stock they arnt the best.
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    LOL, you joking right? I can post numerous articles of the corvette, and the Z06 owning everyone on the track. You just need to stop talking kid.
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    The Z06 is a great handling car and some of the racing ones are good at handleing and some more production but this one i was pretty sure didnt handle good..... thats what i was sayin lol. I was sure this one wasnt a handler but some of the quicker ones definatly are.
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    The C5 corvette still just about out handles every car in its class, so saying it doesnt hadle well would be a lie...
  9. The z06 or the hardtop with race quality tires (not the run-flat crap)will pull 1g. The z06 is basically a race car on the street.
  10. The LS1 dynos at almost 330 whp in the camaro and its rated at 325. This engine is most liekly making closer to 370hp and 370 ftlb. Unlike most pushrod V8s in factory vehicles the LS1 doesn't start to fall on its face untill 6500 RPM. Up untill this year all US performance cars have been horribly underrated to try and fool the insurance companies. Now they don't let the manufactures claim the power number instead its regulated by the SAE.

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