Look at the torque.

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  1. I think that is kind of low for having 720 horsepower if I remember correctly, surely there is more torque than that.
  2. no it is about right remember it is a supercar not a hummer
  3. trains has loads of torque
    f50gt has loads of power
    good enough for a supercar
  4. and why would torque matter r u planning on taking ur trailor around the race track to?
  5. horsepower is derived from multiplying torque by the rpm and dividing it by 5252. horsepower is NOTHING without torque.
  6. I think 520nm is pretty damn good for 4.7NA litres...
  7. this is ferraris problem. all thr cars have no torque
  8. nobody ever understands torque
  9. becuase they rev high
  10. ok

    torque x rpm/5252= horsepower

    that means for every ft lb i make at 5252rpm, i make 1 horsepower

    so to acheive 720 horsepwer at 10500 rpm i would use the following equation: 720/10500x5252=torque@10500 rpm

    so the approximate torque at 10500 rpm is 360 ft lbs

    and its not how much torque you make that accelerates you

    its how much torque you make in a given amount of time
  11. i forgot to add the the amount of torque in a period of time is due to the ability to put in a lower gearing for more torque to the rear wheels, because although toque changes though reductiona and multiplication, horsepower does not
  12. And because they are not heavy trucks
  13. And because they are not heavy trucks
  14. Finally someone with a brain weighs in on the subject!!! I think torque is one of the most misunderstood concepts among all car enthusiasts. Caroll Shelby once said "horsepower sells cars, torque wins races." Of course torque is important, but there's a lot more to it than just the peak torque number.
  15. ferrari should put a lot more torque in their cars....but their focus is deafening the driver.........and the body isnt built for torque...........but who cares.........it accelerates faster than a maclaren
  16. You stupid idiot.

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