look at this , its shit

Discussion in '1984 Nissan 300ZX' started by JaPcArLoVeR, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. look how gay this is with non turbo, and its v6, imagine v4 and non turbo
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    subarus are for queers
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    People rarely make v4s. Its an inline four, and this car doesnt come in one, and I dont want to imagine it coming in one either.<!-- Signature -->
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    Amen<!-- Signature -->
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    Quote from J Dogg
    hey i have one and its #$%#en sweet. it surprises the hell out of everyone who rides in it and still surprises me. i'll tell you whats gay-WRX... 1.all wheel drive 2. sedan 3. SEDAN!!! gimme a break. oh yeah and there is no such thing as a "V4". so why dont you stick with the BOYS in the wrx forum and leave the 300 forum for people who know what they're talking about. i've lapped wrx's on the track in my z, and the wrx stats say it should outperform this car in most areas. just goes to show...80% driver, 20% car.

    p.s. no hard feelings, just dont talk shit about the Z.


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    And what do you have to drive fool!
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    it looks like a box with those old exausts and the rusted colour and they used colgate for the mags...its weak,0-60 -7.1, top speed is poor,bloody heavy, theres not one thing thats good about this car
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    Take one for a drive and then see what you think
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    Hey i have one and it's stock. The 0-60 is way faster than 7.1 so suck a monkey cock boy. I'm sure any z-driver out there will gladly race and whoop the shit out of your pussy wrx. It's sad to have to turbo a vehicle in order to get over 200 hp. Don't mess with the bull or you'll get the horns.
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    Go 300Z!!! Heh, the handling alone amazes most people. I have a boxster and a TT300Z, and I would rather drive the Z anyday. (Except in bad weather, my baby stays the hell out of the rain and snow!) I will say that the WRX isn't a bad car. The Z is one hell of a car too. Today, for about $15,000, someone can get a good Z that will leave anyone at the line, minus a V12 that can pull a little more torque than a TT V-6. Oh yeah, the 4 cylinders usually don't come in a V-configuration, it takes up too much room for their purpose.
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    If you don't believe me about the boxster,that is fine. As I am at college and don't want to keep the boxster outside, I leave it with my parents along with my Z. The mods for my Z are as follows: HKS exhaust, Dual-POP with JWT performance chip, Sport 600 turbos, 555cc injectors, high boost cams, stillen headers, blitz BOV, polished plenums, stillen oil cooler, aluminum flywheel, turbo timer, blitz boost contoller, HKS front mount intercooler, and other various small mods.
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    My Culture and upbringing has taught me that nobodys opinion is "Wrong", but teh more im at this site, the more i believe that that is false : )

    that car is 12 years old, has a naturally aspired V6, and it IS pretty quick, few mods, and that shit flies down the street, and its a beautiful car, with a spoiler, its amazingly beautiful. ANd its handling is wow, so i believe ur opinion is wrong and that you should choke ona stick and lose the feeling in your dick. Thank you
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    That was good.
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    ok this car is awesome,220Hp is plenty and the turbo is even faster,anywayz theres tons of cheap and expensive mods for this car.
    This car looks sick.Stop dissin this car.
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    NO not way faster than 7.1, 7.1 is pretty quick when u think about it, especially considering these came out first in 1990
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    anyone who says that the nissan 300zx is shit...or doesnt have one good thing about it should be taken out back and beaten. This car is awesome as hell. Ive driven both NA and turbo Zs and both are very impressive. you cant possibly drive a 300zx and tell me that it doesnt handle awesome. NAs are not extremely fast cars, that is true, but they are by no means slow in any way. with a FEW mods their 0-60 times can be in the high 5, low 6 second range. 1/4 mile in mid 14s. and if you are talking about looks than you obviously have never seen one in real life. which is very possible cause they are rare cars. Pictures deffinetly dont give these cars the credit they deserve, in real life they look exotic, low and wide. Put this up against any domestic NA V6 (mustang, camaro, firebird, etc...) and the 300zx will stomp all over it.
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    finally, somebody talking some sense. z's are awesome. i bought mine with 62,000 miles on it (works out to roughly 5,000 miles per year) and in the first 5 months i had it i had put 6,000 miles on it. the guy who started this forum probably hasnt driven a z or a wrx. i've driven a wrx and the problem is that it handles like a sedan. a fast sedan. suspension and steering are loose, and it was horribly underbraked. AWD adds to the stability, but it still feels like you're gonna tip over because its so damn tall. i raced my friend in my NA z and his 2002 wrx, and we were side by side exactly the whole time. a 3200lb car with 222hp vs. a 3050lb car with 227hp. it was damn fun, and we go cruising together a lot. wrx is still a fun car, if you need to take your kids and family off roading in the wet. i'd be willing to give up that privelidge though. z wins, hands down.

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    Yeah, that's because all the domestic NA V6s get like 192 bhp (Mustang). Even the Mustang GT has a V8 (260 bhp) with less than the NA V6 in the 350Z (287 bhp). The 300ZX TT can EASILY get into high 4's 0-60 and if you keep adding mods you will et to a point that the WRX will never get to because of it's AWD.
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    WRX's aren't shit. Neither are 300's.
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    You're stupid shut up,and there's no such thing as"v4" dipsh!t!
    This car is great,sure the twin turbo one is better but,this is still a cool car maggot!
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    Indeed! Long live the Z!
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    f*ck you ***** it looks a million times better than any f*cking piece of sh!t Subaru loser,shut the hell up!
    And besides ever heard of Nismo or Stillen to name a few,Well i've seen 400bhp non-turbo Z's beating the snot out of the #%$got ass wrx!
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    N/A Z's cannot get over 400HP, what the hell is your problem besides being a moron?
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    This red car that you called a piece of gay shit has two Subaru WRX's under its belt.

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