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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Harada</i>
    <b>No problem, also there is a recorded time of 14.2 for the N/A Z w/o the bottle.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Sorry i don't believe that. I don't care where you read it, i cannot see how its possible for a car weighing over 200 kilos more with exactly the same power running the same time as stock standard MY00 WRX. especially when it wouldn't be able to hit 160k under 18 seconds.
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    it doesnt take 18 seconds for a NA Z to get 100 mph not in any respects so just cause you may not see it doesn mean it doesnt happen.
    Go back and find a copy of Car and driver or even C&D's used car consumer reports that can gets to 100 in less than 18 seconds weight and all as for the 14.2 its was recorded on dragtime now Ive seen the car do the 1/4 in 14.5 bone stock so the 3/10s may be a stretch but Ill bet thats more than possible with just the intake and exhaust and a 1/8 tank of 100+ octane. Race gas makes all the differnece<!-- Signature -->
  3. bodykits for a 2+2

    HI everyone. I just picked up a nice 1990 300zx 2+2 with 68K. the cars mint yet i would like to add on a nice looking body kit. Prob is there are no side skirts basically for a 2+2. Can anyone out there help? Also whats the quickest and cheapest ways to boost your HP? Feel free to e mail me at Rakmak@aol.com

    Thanks, Matt
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 94stang5L</i>
    <b>first of all 300hp in the TT and only a 15.0 at best quarter mile time that's not all that good the new GT has 260hp and can run as quick as a 13.9. and the TT is so much more money such a rip off .....
    The cobra is cheaper and is so much faster....and Japan could never design a car with a V8 to stand up to american cars.....I love a lot of import cars but honestly a 300zx a supra would blow it out of the water....same with an RX-7, WRX, NSX, these are all the fastest cars in the brand and all of them would eat the the 300zx for dinner.....and plus the best Nissan is the Skyline ohh if it were sold in North America how sweet would that be.....</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->How could ypu be as stupid as to copare a 300ZX to a NSX? Are you like retarded?<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from MDoggieDog456</i>
    <b>oh no my friend. fastest car under 10k? no way it is the fastest and best looking ever. this car is so bad ass. i would do antyhing to have one. its the best ever made they were morons for discontinuing it.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Nissan werent morons for discontinuing it. . . they were morons for jacking up the price so much . . .(they got up around 45k). . . when they did this all the people who appreciated this car for what it was couldnt afford it any more, but they are redeeming themselves by bringing it back for 30k with a lot more to offer.<!-- Signature -->
  6. who else thinks the nissan silvia is the greatest car made by ni

    One of my favorite cars is a nissan silvia. I saw one that was modified by signal auto in japan in a "superstreet" magizine and man it was so great it was very very nice and had 600 hp plus. So does anyone agree that a nissan silvia is one of the best nissans ever?
  7. 1986 300zx

    How fast can i make my 1986 300 zx? i dont know too much about this car bein that i just got it and i dont know very much about it. please tell me nissan experts about its performance and possible upgrades. Also i can only fin a few crappy body kits (erebuni & kaminari) for it please tell me where i can find more possible kits.

  8. Is it worth it??

    I have a 1990 300ZX 2+2 would it be worth is to put turbos in the engine? Would i have to make any other major mods to the engine? approximatly how much would this cost?
  9. which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

    i dont kno dat much about cars... i do a little buh compare to ppl here.... im nothin...^^ well can u ppl help me out and give me some info???? i kno both of them r great cars buh duno which one's better... thanx ppl!!<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

    Dude... The RX-7 will blow the 300 ZX out of the water. But, when you throw the twin turbos on the 300, it just might edge the RX-7 out. Rotary engines are strong as hell, hence the RX-7's awesome power.
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    the rx7 tt would beat the 300zxtt stock, but with manyy mods the 300zx can be one of the fastes,most agile cars on the planet. Nissan has more racing experience than mazda. Nissan built the R390Gt1 that is an estraordinary supercar. I own a stillin smz 300zx with over 500hp. no nos. nos is for sissy's. I personally like the 300's better and with the addition of a veilside body kit,they look stunning. It should have been in the fast and the furious.
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    email me if you awant to know more. XSK420@netscape.net
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    the Rx7 was made to beat the 300zx the rotery has no red line so but it only last like 50K miles when driven hard.
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    Re: which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

    thats a total misconception about rotors. the engines do last, its just many owners especially with the older generations didn't maintain them properly.

    And a rotary will murder a 300tt stock for stock, and tuned as well, simply because they are so light and handle much better. I've been around plenty of 300s a mate used to run a jap performance shop and i've never been really impressed with them, considering this is from the same company that make the GTR.

    Tuned for tuned? a rotor would beat it to. but there nice cars, just not a threat to RX7s. or rotors in general. Before i get flamed by people about the tuning potential of the 300 i know they can be tuned but no where near the extent of the rotary engine.

    www.rotormaster.com.au is a testimant to that.
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    Actually you are also fooled. THe Deal with Rotors blowing up is they are not really made to handle boost. Also, tuners often skip things that need to be replaced and go for the high gain parts. An RX-7 is still a better car but you do have to be very careful with them where as 300zx's last longer. Also take into consideration how cheap it is to buy a new engine on an Rx-7 I have a 87 turbo 2 and it only cost me $1000 for a new engine/turbo
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    deffintly gotta go with the 300 zxtt. first you got the nissan name and everything that comes with it(strong tranny, reliability).second rotary engines are high matience especialy in high mileage.third you can do pretty much anything you want to a 300zx.but hey i would take either one.
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    Forget both of 'em. It's all about the 1993 and up Toyota Supra TT.<!-- Signature -->
  18. Re: which one's better?? 300zx or rx7??

  19. Top Ten List

    I looked up the "Car & Driver" list for 2001, and I could find the Mustang Cobra R listed. It was on the 10 worst performer lists, for high interior noise level. It was not on the best 10 list this year, and their has been many times it did not make the list. Now grant it the car has had a long history, successful history. But recognize the fact that the 300ZX produces more horse per liter and has good stats for a 3.0 liter V6. Don't get me wrong, I like the Stangs, always have.
  20. Re: Top Ten List

    I said motor trend not car and driver.....and the stang produces more torque....and The Cobra R is a race car I don't think Interior noise is that important
  21. Re: Top Ten List

    The point is that even Motor Trend said the Cobra R is a track car, not a daily driver. That's why they liked the Vette Z06, cuz u can actually drive it around every day. Anyone can build a car thats made for a track(Cobra R), but can u put AC, radio, sound proofing and a nice ride in that package? The fact is anyone can build a purpose built race car, but is it fun to use as a daily driver too? <!-- Signature -->
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    Well The SVT Cobra would be what your talking about it has all the options and then some plus it's an awsome performer
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    His point was that the ZO6 has all the stuff to be a daily driver, and still beats the Cobra R. I have to agree with 5L though, a top worst list doesn't make the Cobra R suck, it just says it's harsh. (Which is ok by me.)
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    shutup, this car sucks. FORD OWNS ALL U<!-- Signature -->
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    sure the ZO6 just barly beats it in 1/4 mile time but the Cobra R destroys it on the track....

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