look great, Chrysler has done it again

Discussion in '2002 Chrysler Pacifica Concept' started by ScrewLoose, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Of course it looks like an X5 crossed with an M-Class... if you're going to build a premium luxury car, why not "borrow" a few design elements from BMW and Mercedes, the pinnacles of the lux-car world? My only complaints about the looks are that the headlights are too small and too austere, and the grille is a bit big, but I suppose that's Chrysler's design philosophy.

    This car WILL be built, supposedly in 2003 as an '04 model. I think it's a wonderful regeneration of the Chrysler marque, a brand that has been pumping out nothing but Dodges with different grilles and badges. This and the 300M (soon to be re-designed, re-engineered and re-named as the 300N), should be the only cars in the Chrysler line. Oh yes, and we mustn't forget the superb 350 horse, 5.7L Hemi V8 powered 300 Hemi C luxury convertible, and the Crossfire, with the supercharged V6. Not the fu(kin 220 horse turbo four or whatever the hell it currently is to be built with. And maybe the Sebring convertible. For the family.

    I do have one major concern about the Pacifica. There is in fact a Mercedes that was unveiled as about the same concept as the Pacifica: a crossover minivan/SUV/lux sedan for the masses. If the Mercedes Vision GST is in fact made alongside the Pacifica, and if they have too much in common, I will be pissed, and Daimler-Chrysler will fall from their current position as my favorite mainly domestic automaker with a resounding thud. They could never fall to the level of GM.
  2. most people would say that chrylers cars are realy nice and i do really love this one.
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    the world does not need another SUV! We need kick ass trucks and kick ass cars no more suv's
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    Chrysler really struck gold with this, I think. If all these people that are buying sport wagons/tourers like this, why not buy the Chrylser? 4WD, 3rd row of seats, etc. I've been waiting for Chrylser (DaimlerChrysler's american luxury car brand) to put some Nav. systems in their cars. Not to mention 2 rows of heated seats, the four wheel drive, and a DVD system. This has it in looks over Audi's All-Road, and the Volvo's Cross Country, too.
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    yeah Chrysler makes some kick ass concepts... this one especially... lovely interior and great power and looks.... they should put thsi car into production and beat out the Volvo and Subaru
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    This car looks awesome...I would so buy one of these if I had the money of course....But I cant cause it aint made yet....Way ta go chrysler Kick ass
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    too bad they stole the design from the X5<!-- Signature -->

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