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  1. Take a side view of this car or any newer esprit and then get a pic of a 1996 Subie SVX and they look the same and the subie has the same power to weight ratio.

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    Get off the crack,lol.You wish your SVX looked anywhere near this good,lol.Yeah maybe power to weight ratio(which I doubt)but it has nowhere near 350bhp and it's nowhere near this fast either,lol.
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    Look at this....an Esprit police car :s
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    I saw that image before ,cool.I Wouldn't mind being a cop if I got to drive that car around,and imagine chasing after a speeding car in that(police) Esprit that would be awesome!
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    WOW thats the first time ive ever thought a police car looked
    any good.
    (apart from the 911's in germany)
    the ones in england are shi# peugeot 406 and volvo's
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    I saw a D.A.R.E. cop car that was a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 and I was thinking "I hate cops, but damn I'd be one if I could drive that!!!".
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    Riiiight. Power isn't everything. What's important is: Usable power vs.Handling. I'm sorry but an SVX isn't going to handle anywhere close to the Lotus. The Lotus's mid-engine and weight distribution, not to mention Lotus is known for handling, with it V8 TT, is going to rule every corner on any track.

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