looking 512 BB

Discussion in '1971 Ferrari 365 GT4 BB' started by Ralph, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. The car look as a 512 BB
    Very nice car and is very special to me<!-- Signature -->
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    very similar in pics, but actual dimensions are smaller. noticeable up close, and it looks smaller 'in person'
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    I especcially like the front of this car.
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    This was the predecessor of the 512BB. What is the market value of these today?
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    In fact, the body is almost the same. The 365BB first series had 3 round taillights, instead of the 2 of the 512 BB model, but all other measures are the same.
    The number "365" identifies the unitarian cylinder capacity for the engine V-12 4.4 litres (365x12=4380cc), which had installed the Weber triple corp carburetors. The "512" model designation identifies the 5.0 liter engine, 12 cylinders.
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    This go for about $55k-$80k.
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    Damn still expensive,but it sure is nice though.

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