Looking to buy a car, suggestions anyone?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mustang Cobra R, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Ok, so my 87 Thunderbird lost it's thunder. Now I'm looking to get a "fun" affordable car. My initial thought was BMW 318 or 325 (92-98) for under $7000. I want to steer clear of another fox-body cause I'm just sick of them. So does anyone have any decent suggestions for a "fun" but practical car for under $7000 that's avaivble in NY? (Don't want a bunch of people saying "GET A PANDA!") Two door, four door, don't care but I know there's a bunch of cars I'm totally not thinking of that kick ass and can be had in decent condition for under 7k. No convertibles either.
  2. the 318 is pretty much the worst BMW ever made.

    the 325 isn't bad, maybe expensive to have.

    Acura Integra?
    SVT Focus?
    300ZX NA?
  4. maybe a Z28 Camaro....
  5. Nissan 300ZX.
  6. 99 pontiac grand am se
  7. ROFL!
  8. That's actually a really good one, I can get an interceptor at a police auction for like $500. I could beat the hell out of it for that cheap.
  9. Integra, 325, Focus ZX3, Protege, Eclipse, Altima, 240SX
  10. Impreza/Lamborghini.
  11. buy my 97 GTi vr6 with a t3/4 turbo kit on it.
  12. Does it come with a warranty?
  13. No, but its been pretty solid overall. Electrical gremlins here and there, but hardware wise its been great.
  14. Is a Miata too impracticle?
  15. Lotec Sirius

  16. Zonda F?

    Seriously, late 90s Pontiac Grand Am?
  17. "No convertibles either."
  18. probably the worst car ever built EVAR!

  19. I only glance over shit in threads like this.
  20. thats terrible!

    Honda Prelude 3rd Generation
    Awesome car, tunable, pretty rare on the street, looks awesome

    they handle AMAZINGLY. id recommend it over any other car mentioned so far. go ahead, be one of the THOUSANDS on your block with an integra.
  21. How about a Mustang Cobra R?
  22. The right answer, get a 1990 era model.

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