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Discussion in '1996 Lamborghini Diablo VTTT' started by bob777, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. I would like to drive one
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    Looks bloody fun an extremely fast!! I own a westfield 1800 sport and a perodua kelisa beat that
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    It looks hella fun. As a writer had put it, "Driving a lamborghini is the equivilant of burning a flag on capital hill" In other words a riot.
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    this thing wouldn't even make it between gas stations............
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  6. the enzo is much beter
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    So would I.
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    it looks fun as hell. this car is serious
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    i would love to own one of these
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    no, really? (i would too by the way)
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    yea, but who wouldn't want to drive it, if it didn't matter if you crached it?
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    Would only like to drive it on circuits; no way that I'm gonna risk my licence on the public road, just because my right foot became a few milligrams too heavy lol.
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    WTF! Why does this have a +5 rating?
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    man is right, it probably is also a pain what with the high-power clutch, and it probably doesn't have much in terms of ride quality-just guessing- it would be a fun drive on the track, not the street
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    There's one for sale on ebay!!!!!!!!! $125000!!!!!!!!!!

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