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Discussion in '2000 Hommel Berlinette RS' started by sniper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this car looks very good, nice shape, good power for a fourbanger. Can't wait to see one on real life!!

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    front looks choppy to me but other wise i think this would be cool<!-- Signature -->
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    more BHP? this one or the RS2 would beat the shit out of a mustang or camaro. their slogan is "a racing car for the road, a road car for the racetrack." it doesn't have any confort things like power steering or power windows.<!-- Signature -->
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    Loks opretty good.
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    nice sleek lines. not badd<!-- Signature -->
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    ME TOO! gjksgng<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, I really like this thing. Nice looks. The four banger will do the trick (I like the whine of tuned 4 pushing the redline).<!-- Signature -->
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    Don't see the need to put a bigger engine in it. Why? Add some weight, and mess up the handling???

    Maybe someone should talk to the people at Lotus...
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    looks GREAT!! i love the design
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    kinda looks like a mush between an Integra and an MR2..I like the design and the color
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    yeah b
  13. my grandpa took a vacation to germany and in one of his pictures in the background was this car!

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