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  1. Except for the rear of the car, looks odd.
  2. I love the way the car looks, but WHY IN THE HELL did they put those doors on it? It's a #$%#ing Mustang, not a Lamborghini!
  3. Yeah those doors are fcuking horrid. Why to give in to popular demand for a retarded cosmetic novelty.

    This car is pretty fantastic overall, especially the front, which I find is the current Mustangs weak point in design.
  4. Agreed, on both points. The doors look rather out of place, but may have just been another way of hammering home the Italian vs. American point. The front of the stock Stang definitely looks a tad bulbousy, a fat lip if you will. This seems to incorporate the front styling of the '03 Cobra (look at the front view shot) and flows beautifully into the rest of the car. A fantastic job from a talented designer.
  5. see, this is how vehicles should be customized these days. i dont mean going crazy and making wacky glass roofs and putting tens of thousands of dollars into the interior, but look how awesome the modified the body panels, yet kept the "mustang" look.

    proof that with actually having creativity, even a civic could look sweet.
  6. will it be available for purchase and how much?
  7. The rear and the doors are out of place.
  8. WHAT THE #$%#KK?! what happened to the REAR? is this all america can come out with? HAHAHA

    and whats with the fake bumper air vents, the pimp my ride style doors that dont even open properly, the goats skin seats.. LOLL

    and wheres the roof???... look at the picture again and imagine it with one, i mean its butt ugly now, image it with a proper body coloured roof!

    haha ROFL!

    oh, and did i mention the seats?

    ..arghhhhhhhhhhhhh THAT REAR!!!!!!!!!!! looks worse that george bush's wife's.. now thats saying something
  9. Warmasice- calm down...

    Interesting design, and doubly interesting to see how Italians think of American culture (a lot of the design looks like it's been made for mad Texans). I really hope Ford take note of the interior though (the bits that aren't covered in hideous cowhide, I mean): one of the worst points about the current Mustang (other than the beeping when you open the doors/have the handbrake on/haven't got your seatbelt done up, the hilariously bad miles-per-gallon -I averaged 12mpg in the V6 I drove recently- and the worst headrests known to man) is the cheap-ass interior, which would look nasty even in a £5000 hatchback. The metal strips and two-tone approach (though I wouldn't have gone for brown and orange personally) really help to liven up the cockpit, and rectify another glaring oversight in pretty much all American sports cars, the extremely low perceived quality. The Corvette is the US' best supercar marque, but they don't really sell anywhere else in the world because everyone just sees them as "the plastic supercar". Nobody European is going to buy plastic for 911 money. I understand that the cheap materials cut down costs, but there is a portion of the American market that is exceedingly wealthy. They'd still sell for an increased pricetag if the perceived quality rose with it.

    The latter point isn't something I'd like to see Ford introduce to the Mustang though. The ideology of it should always be as affordable muscle, and even if they could build the car entirely out of carbon fibre, aluminium and leather, they shouldn't, because it would diminish the car's aggressive, muscular character. They've already done enough of a screwjob on that with the nannying beep-warnings.
  10. In response to the doors... italian design. thats all. At least it isnt as obnoxiously awful looking as the escalade with scissor doors as seen previously on supercar's POTD.
  11. does this company make its own cars, or only does customizing...because I really like their tastes...except for some of the flaws pointed out overall its an amazing customization...I really like the interior...the straight unfinished leather is a lill crazy but i even kinda like that
  12. by its own cars do you mean brandwise, like ferrari or GMC? I am pretty sure that Giugiaro is a guy who does amazing design.
  13. How many hundred pounds does that ugly ass interior weigh?
  14. I like the rear view mirrors :p And yes, as it has already been said that the doors don't fit to the "mustang look", and the rear looks like the designer has fallen asleep while drawing it. Still this car has some of the same charisma that Mustangs had in the 60's. Or may be not..
  15. Charisma is a good thing here.

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