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  1. Warmer-whatever your name was, ease off, you couldn't do any better. Plus, it isn't 'all the Americans can come up with'm being as it was not designed by Americans, but Italians. Just some food for thought, since you've ran out of thinking capacity.

    Here's my input on this car. It's beautiful, its exotic, and even though it clearly has that Italian flare to it, it is undeniably still a Mustang. Somehow the new designers managed to pull that one off, and they did it with flying colors.

    I think the doors are a bit extreme. Italian styling is one thing, but they took it a little too far with the doors. I'm not saying Lambo doors aren't cool, but there's a time and a place, and this wasn't it. The interior has a lot of new bells and whistles and it's definately a step up over the current Mustang (which, yes, I have driven) but those cow hide seats came straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leather is cool, but skin with the hair still intact, that's just tacky (and did I mention allergenic?). You know PETA is having a field day with this one.

    And lets not forget the rear end... I honestly think Ford did it right when they used the 1969 Mustang's rear end instead f earlier models (which had very small lights). 1970 wasn't that much different, the lights simply sank in instead of popping out. And the later 70's models were just disgusting (and lets forget about the 80's entirely). The Giugiaro designers really skewed away from the main point when they designed that rear end. It resembles no feature on any of the prior Mustangs, and it is anything but 'muscle'.

    The carbon fiber, and the bells and whistles, and this and that are all great, but what I have to say about this car is 'damn'. There are some minor things here and there that I listed, but all things considered, this is a good looking car. The timing was way off though. This doesn't have to be some random Mustang body kit. I think if they were to hold off on production for a couple years it could very well slip into production as a future model stock Mustang (after a few cosmetic adjustments).

    The current Mustang is still somewhat in the "ooooo ahhhh" stage, so they should play it out for a couple more years until they get a new model. At that point, they should make the 'new' Mustang similar to the current one, but extend the roofline all the way to the end of the trunk to make it a Fastback (since those are the most sought after Mustangs around, it would encourage a new round of sales from Mustang enthusiasts, without drastic design changes and costs).

    Then finally, once that model losses its glamour, they should introduce this here Mustang as a new model, instead of an aftermarket half breed like it's being pitched as here.

    -Border Brother
    Proud owner of a 1969 Ford Mustang which as of this post is currently not running because I took apart the engine and Kragen sold me the wrong carbuetor.... f***ing Kragen... And I may have 'oops' damaged the breakline when cutting out my floorpans.... which is niether here nor there.
  2. I don't like it all. I think they should ever changed the body style that quick. I mean the 99'-04' mustangs were great but a extreme body makeover is not needed. Ford has been doing this for a while.

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