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Discussion in '2007 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP' started by 1812Sith, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. I always preferred the looks of the closed cockpits but they seem to be disadvantageous. It's a long time ago a closed cockpit car won LeMans. I think it's about the rules, they give open cockpit cars some advantages.

    Trying to fulfill the rules of 2010 now is not a very wise move, in my opinion. However, I appreciate this car. And I appreciate the new rules, a closed cockpit car resembles more a road car. I wish, they would make the manufacturers return to the GT1, want to see those great homologation cars on the road!
  2. Slightly ill-informed write-up regarding the particulate filters. Peugeot has been applying these since the introduction of the 607 in 2001, so implying that only the racer needs this filter to prevent the "ghastly black smoke attributed to road cars" overlooks technological progress that has been going in Europe for already quite a while...
  3. It does look cool.
  4. I think that aafter Sebring & the loss of power in the new R15 makes me think that Peugeot this year have a very good chance of winning (finally) this year!

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