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Discussion in '2001 Karmann Transformer Concept' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Wish there were stats to see if it had any power.<!-- Signature -->
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    I like the design on this car. I only hope it will see production.
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    It looks good, but i think i would like it in a hard top form better.
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    the concept does look liek a worth while thing. <!-- Signature -->
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    pretty pimped<!-- Signature -->
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    I like it
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    looks okay but nothing special ..another slow convertable...just what the world needed.. the design just does enough to be acceptable
    ( its boring, I just fell asleep looking at it )<!-- Signature -->
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    its looks are not good, but not bad. it will most likely not be powerful, i'm guessing around 200 hp
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    Interesting is the key word.<!-- Signature -->
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    I woulf like to see it up close, cuz indeed, it's interesting. And those rims are damn' fine too.

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    Hey, I won't comment on the car because it has NO SPECS available, but I do wanna know how long that tony guy that started must be on this website,and his knowledge of cars. HE HAS 5 STARS!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I gues in fue year it will finish as a VW with a W engine
    because VW owns karmann
  13. Re: VW owns Karmann????

    Volkswagen don´t own Karmann
    Karmann is manufacturing a Kia jeep and the CLK cabrio the golf cabrio........................................................and so on<!-- Signature -->
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    Not a GHIA
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    it looks too much like a mercedes
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    Too many economy cars.
  17. Re: VW owns Karmann????

    Not bad at all...
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    Looks pretty nice, I only have one problem. This is just my opinion but I would like one lower to the ground...
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    it's cool

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