looks kinda like a stormtrooper...

Discussion in '2006 Ferrari F430 GT' started by lancia monk, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. dont you think with those huuge nostrils?
  2. lol at nostrils
  3. God your a twit
  4. I hate stupid nerds.
  5. I dont know about a storm trooper but it looks really good, the stock 430 looks good this is just a face lift
  6. Not too fond of that front though, but that back is massive and amazing!
  7. it looks like its two turbos at the back, but maybe it isnt... can anyone tell me if it is or not???
  8. No. Those are not turbos. First of all turbos are not permitted in the GT2 class (Or the GT1 Class). Second, they're in the completely wrong place anyway. What good does a turbo do on an exhaust pipe?
  9. I don't know guys but this baby looks very furious, aggressive. I love the way it looks from the front and the back. it would really kick some ass :p
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  11. the last picture from de small ones...is in the official galleries from LeMans...but I must say that the picture is from Romania Chellenge Ring...sorry for posting this message in this topic...
  12. Lmao it's funny 'cause it's true: this car really does look like a storm trooper! I think that's a good thing though, and this car looks great (it's fast too)!
  13. A storm trooper?!?!

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