looks like a canoe

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R' started by mitsubishi720, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. my sisters '94 mustang could beat the shit out of that boat
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    hahahhahaahah! Your sisters white trash ferrari could not dust shit! I have a 91 rx w/ no turbo w/ some minor mods and i rape those #$%#in pieces of shit. wtf y is ur sister so #$%#in stupid. lets me guess, her piece of shit is automatic too. the 93 rx tt runs a 13.7 quarter compared to ur mustang #$%#in 16 sec quarter. and another question, y r the mustangs so damn ugly, they look like bricks with a shitload of non functional scoops on the car. Your stupidity makes me laugh. I never heard a comment as stupid as the one you made.
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    Don't be stupid.
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    heres a little advice: before u post, plz take ur head out of ur sisters pussy, f*ckin stooge.
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    To the guy that reckons his sister's mustang to kick the shit out of this beast. I have been in the back of your sister's mustang and it sucks more than she does.
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    Knob jockey.

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