looks like a civic si...

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  1. it looks almost exactly (dont hold me to it, just remembering pics) like the new civic si...<!-- Signature -->
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    as far as looks are concerned there are lots of differences, mostly in the details such as a larger rear wing, some lower side cladding, a different front end, and of course those larger 17 inch rims.
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    well its the same basic body if thats what you mean.<!-- Signature -->
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    hondas suck<!-- Signature -->
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    If all of you will direct your attention to Honda's website under the section for the Civic, you will notice that this IS a 2002 Si. There is no "Civic Type-R", that's an Integra.
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    Japan gets Civic Type-R (215 HP)
    as well as Integra Type-R (220 HP)

    and Europe also gets its own Civic Type-R (200 HP)

    All 3-door and 5-door Civics (including Civic Si (SiR in Canada) and European/Japanese Civic Type-R) have been designed and produced in Europe (Germany/UK) and exported (to even Japan).

    Integra (RSX in America) continues to be manufactured in Sayama, Japan.
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    There may be a Civic Type-R in Europe and Japan, but in America there isn't one for sale. And that is still a Civic Si, and since you know so much about European cars, you must also know that the new Civic Si was designed and is manufactured in England.

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