Looks like a Honda S2000

Discussion in '2003 BMW Z4 3.0i' started by 300ZXfreakk, Oct 6, 2002.

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    the back looks like an s2000, m5, and many other things. but it is still a bmw z4
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    I totally agree with ya , only way they look a like is cos they both roadsters that's all.

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    One word: You-gotta-be-kiddin'-me!

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    Looks like a Honda S2000

    The Z4 is ugly, man. It looks loke a rhinosaurus at the front. The honda s2000 was and stil iz a beautiful looking car. They coppied the s2000 just because the tramps can't fink of their own design idea.

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    What the #$%#? A rhinosarus? Are you that #$%#ing stupid? Do you see any horns or anything that closely resembles a rhino? I didn't think so.

    Yeah, BMW copied Honda's design... Too bad almost everyone with a Honda tries to copy BMW's Z3 fender design. Or, the M3-style side view mirrors. Or, even the M3-style side skirts.

    And one last thing, wouldn't you be contradicting yourself if you said the Z4 was ugly and a copy of the S2000, yet you think the S2000 is a beautiful looking car?

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