Looks like a Porsche

Discussion in '2005 MG GT Concept' started by JayFabulous, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. the front end and the intakes remind me of a 911
  2. not even close
  3. why does it not?
  4. Looks spunky. Reminds me of Japanese schoolgirls for some reason... I expect it to be quick and nimble, even through it looks like its gonna have some bodyroll.
  5. when i saw the first image of this car, before i enlarged it, i thought it was a modded cavalier.
  6. To me, it looks like a modified Dodge Neon... quite disappointing. If MG would like to have a unique "supercar" then why not make it look unique instead of changing a few odds and ends.
  7. IMO i would say it has some resemblance to the cavalier, and sort of a more curvy tiburon.
  8. I hate Porsche...
  9. I saw the picture and thought the exact same thing, Cavalier/Tiburon. Maybe a bit of Integra in the side profile. The bottom line here is, no one seems terribly impressed with this car.
  10. youve missed the point here. the problem is it looks almost exactly like the previous MG TF, which looked exceedingly like the previous MG roadster. adding a bodykit does not a supercar make. i thought they would have learned that after re-doing the 25, 45 and 75 in big wheel arches and chickenwire grills.
  11. now that im looking at it closer it does look more like a cavalier.
  12. It looks great, you're a bunch of whiners.
  13. It looks great, you're a bunch of whiners.
  14. It looks great, you're a bunch of whiners.
  15. you are all stupid...it looks like a #$%#ing MG TF.....BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT IS
  16. stilly looks like crap
  17. i like it
  18. MG's unique supercar is the SV, this is a GT based on a existing model, really it isnt a new car but an evolution of the current TF.

    the suspension on a TF is very good much better then the orignal F's hydraulic design so theres no reason to suspect that this model will suffer from role, there will be some as its not an out and out race car but nothing excessive.

    iam not sure how you lot can say it looks like a cavaliar, thats a boring old 4 door sedan with the nasty habbit of fading paint.

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