looks like a S2000

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by GTman, Aug 9, 2002.

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    i agree
  2. i think this car looks like a Honda S2000. THe Audi TT is much better!<!-- Signature -->
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    the original batman rx7 was one sexy-as car, probably the best looking jap ever.... this looks like a made-over S2000<!-- Signature -->
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    hey, you can't compare this crap to my favorite TT!
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    Like an S2000? Really? Somehow I don't see it.
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    it does look like the s2000 but its an awesome car.....
    as long as it looks good...
    there's not many cars in this category either....
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    who cares if the S2000 influenced this car? its still beautiful.
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    then why didn't they put their twin rotary in a S2000 and sell it right away? in fact their desingers are too stupid to craft the new RX-8, just like the son of S2000, with less weight and different engine...
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    this car is an s2000 w/ rotary, i think its pretty cool combo<!-- Signature -->
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    I admit it has it's simularities, but who doesn't in this day and age. The Camry/Lexus ES00, Taurus/Sable.

    Well, If you mean a Camry looks like a Lexus ES and the Taurus like the Sable it is b/c they are the same cars with different trim. This doesn't explain a Mazda looking Like a honda, Now if an Acura came out that looked the same as an S2000 that would make sense.

    You just take what people like and then expand on it, that is how you get great cars.<!-- Signature -->
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    an RX-7 with S2000 lights...they should call it "RX-2000" by "Monzda"
    hahaha<!-- Signature -->

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