looks like elise/saleen s7

Discussion in '1997 Lotus Elise GT1' started by FORDFORD, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. and to be quite honest, that is amazing. does anyone agree about the looks
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    Yeah, it actually does. It looks like they added a few feet to an elise, and took the tail styling from saleen. The headlights, front air intake, and the hood are definately from the elise, though.
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    i cant see the S7 in it.... hmmm well it really does look like the elise though lol
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    " ...and took the tale styling from a saleen " ?????

    This car came out before the saleen so how did it take styling cues from a car that didn't even exist at the time? lol ' looks ' like a Elise ? It is based on the Elise actually , with am extended body and revised rear end ( that Lotus took from their minds not saleen )
    and an Esprit V8 TT Engine.

  6. well seeing as the saleen s7 was made a few years after the elise GT1 and i dont think they could time-travel, i come to the conclusion that the styling is from lotus...

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