Looks like VW is in trouble.

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  1. VAG sold 482000 stinky little pieces of shit. It's also worth noting that our emissions standards are some of - if the *the* strictest in the world, we just prioritize the contaminants that pose an immediate risk to public health (i.e. NOx and particulates) over CO2, which is of climatological concern.

    IIRC, we also use ONE emissions standard for gasoline and diesel engines, unlike Europe where diesels get a more lax standard because who needs clean air when you're not using as much fuel?
  2. Yeah commercial vehicles and animals like cows pollute far more than passenger vehicles. Yet passenger vehicles here in Canada (Ontario) have shit emissions laws.

    Then we have yobs in diesel trucks and some TDI morons taking EGRs out/off, just chucking injectors and pumps on them and taking cats off. fUcking school busses always get me though. They STILL don't have any real clean diesel technology because they use archaic diesel shit from Ford/Chevy with kids all round them.

    Pretty safe to say that North American emissions laws are completely biased against individual passenger vehicles. My '96 Civic needed a real emissions test where levels of NOx and CO were measured, my '98 just needed to be plugged in and checked for trouble codes so they just assume your emissions controls are working as they were from the factory. Both cars are the same generation and OBD2a, different motors mind you but they don't know that.
  3. Also fuel economy targets are ruining emissions which is the greatest irony. I keep seeing new vehicles with direct injected turbo motors puffing huge clouds of carbon and cars burning tons of oil because it's so thin 0w20 shit. Also turbo cars not running any 'catch can' setups is retarded but manufacturers don't seem to see air/oil separation as an eventual drivability issue.
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    2.1M Audi Cars Affected by Diesel Emissions Scandal

    Audi has revealed that 2.1 million of its vehicles are fit with software that is meant to cheat diesel emissions tests.

    Of that total, 1.42 million of the vehicles are in Western Europe, 577,00 are in Germany alone, while just 13,000 are in the U.S. The models affected are the A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3 and Q5 according to Audi.

    After being called out by the EPA in the U.S., VW admitted that about 11 millions vehicles worldwide were fitted with the Type EA 189 diesel engines that were designed to cheat on emissions tests. Roughly 5 million of the vehicles are VW brand cars, with the rest belonging to companies owned by VW.

    Volkswagen is still investigating the matter and has not yet announced how it plans to fix the affected vehicles. Last week, Martin Winterkorn resigned as the CEO of Volkswagen in the wake of the scandal and was replaced later in the week by Matthis Mueller, the former head of Porsche.

  5. Apparently, the Israeli Ministry of Transport and Road Safety noticed something wrong with Volkswagen (+ Skoda + Seat) diesel cars a couple of years ago. On their annual inspection, the cars wouldn't rev over 2,500 RPM while testing for pollutants (they should reach 4,000 RPM according to the manufacturer). They approached the local importer/supplier and CITA (International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee) and were ordered to ignore the issue.

    Not exactly the same as what happened in the US, but shows the magnitude of the deception.
  6. that's some pretty scandalous shit right there.
  7. that's some pretty scandalous shit right there.
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    The VW Diesel Scandal Is Now a DIY Halloween Costume

    It's an outrage! It's a scandal! And of course, it's a Halloween costume. In light of the Volkswagen TDI diesel scandal, there is no separating the news from this year's best "attention getting cringe costume" idea. This is not to trivialize a devastating blow to the car industry, or the countless VW employees it impacts, or the questions it raises about values and ethics. It is, well, comedy. When it hurts too much to cry, it's time to laugh!

    In a year with too many scandals, tasteless costumes, and unfortunate news stories to count on all your fingers and toes, this is just par for the course. The real challenge is finding a way to take something so abstract and make it a tangible outfit. Consider our suggestions on how to put together a Volkswagen Diesel Scandal costume, if you want to be the "Oh, I get it" Halloween 2015 partygoer that starts conversations. (*Note: these conversations may be uncomfortable!)


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    this or Break-cleaner-on-teeth-a-la-Mad-Max-Road-Fury?
  11. I should write VW and tell them that only a Golf R can console me.
  12. who cares
    in ten years 90% of cars will be electric and driving themselves

  13. Been seeing commercials for class action suits already. Trying to figure out how I can get in on em even though I dumped my diesels a while ago.
  14. Make it 20 years and 25-40% and we have a deal.

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  16. toyota is in trouble now as well. under investigation why isis drives only brand new toyotas hahahaha
  17. I bought one, 2009 jetta tdi, second had in December last year. The guy I bought it from has received 4 letters from lawyers for class-action law suits. I have zero plans to get rid of the car. As I see it, the car will be a modern vintage soon. They will roll out an ecu update, which can be flashed to the old program, and probably insert some urea injection. Either way, VW won't be selling new TDIs in the US for some time. I think I could probably sell my car in 5 years and still make a profit on it.
  18. Are you going to, or does your state require to, update the ECU? I wouldn't like my car have diminished performance due to their upgrade.
  19. I am guessing as part of the fix there will be a reflash.
  20. I had to edit my post since I dont words good. But that's a bummer, too bad you can't leave your car as is right now. Word is the reflash will diminish performance and mileage, possibly.
  21. Got my first class action letter yesterday, even though I sold mine a year and a half ago.
  22. pondering this right now

    lowball an offer on an R
  23. i have a petrol vw engine <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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    More VW trouble: 2016 diesels have new suspect software.

    U.S. regulators say they have a lot more questions for Volkswagen, triggered by the company's recent disclosure of additional suspect software in 2016 diesel models that potentially would help exhaust systems run cleaner during government tests.

    That's more bad news for VW dealers looking for new cars to replace the ones they can no longer sell because of the worldwide cheating scandal already engulfing the world's largest automaker. And, depending on what the Environmental Protection Agency eventually finds, it raises the possibility of even more severe punishment.

    Volkswagen confirmed to The Associated Press on Tuesday that the "auxiliary emissions control device" at issue operates differently from the "defeat" device software included in the company's 2009 to 2015 models disclosed last month.


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