looks nice

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  1. looks good
    did it go in production?
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    it does look good.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, first time seeing this. Looks like a modified F355 kit.

    Maybe somthing different made by Vielside? Im confused as to where this was spawned from.<!-- Signature -->
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    reminds me of a mercilago
    but well this came first<!-- Signature -->
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    It reminds me of a Ford GT40. It's the headlights. They're almost exactly the same.<!-- Signature -->
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    i like it its nice in the front its sort of like a supra and a mclare mixed.
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    Pour 1991, Tom Walkinshaw lance la construction de machine complètement différente répondant à la nouvelle réglementation des Sport 3,5 litres.

    Les XJR-14 marqueront le dernier sacre de Jaguar dans la discipline.

    Néanmoins cette année là, le team nippon Suntec engage avec l'appui du TWR une XJR-11 dans le JSPC.

    Débarquant dans ce championnat à partir de la seconde manche
    <!-- Signature -->
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    This car looks real nice. Anybody know anything about Gigliato? I've never heard of them before. No other cars listed by them. I'm assuming they're just some subsidiary to a larger Ialian manufacturer.
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