Looks really #$%#ing stupid!!!

Discussion in '2004 Bonspeed X-Type Concept' started by Seaniase, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. 260hp and ugly as #$%#.
    who would consider buying this?
  2. definately NOT ugly.
    but you are right about it being underpowered.
  3. i think it looks fine
    underpowerd but hell its an X type
    the jag for wannabes
  4. I think this don't look stupid. I think it's cool, thou I would change the front bumper to nicer one. The only bad thing in this is the underpowered engine...
  5. The wheels look something Pep Boys would sell. Way underpowered for a car of it's price. I am skeptical about it's hunkered stance.
  6. id rather have a potniac grand prix gxp 5.3 liter v-8 for the same price if not less and 60+ more horsepower and better looking who cares if its a pontiac
  7. 260 hp and ur a #$%#ing moron

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