lord have mercy

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  1. its a honda with a new name
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    Yeah, remember the Model X! They're building that. As ugly as this, too.<!-- Signature -->
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    i can imagine it now when i looked at the third pic. people: hey "bump"
    ow i hit my head on the ceiling in the back here it is so damn small in the back."thud" ow "thud" OW sh** i keep hitting my freaking head back here. so i say if tall people get in the back then they would hit their head or turn their head in a strange angle and when the driver backs out he cant see.this is one messed up concept,so i say this aint looking to go into production they didnt work on this vehicle so well . (IN MY OPINION)
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    "The Entire steering column & pedal system is attached to a rail enabling it to be moved to either side of the cabin."

    yawn, its been done before
  5. All I remember is the Hy-wire. What other cars have it?

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