Lotec C1000

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  1. I find it hilarious that the fist picture isn't of a real car
  2. More interested in the CLK GTR
  3. I bet that thing is an absolute bag of nails to drive
  4. See for yourself

  5. God that is awful. The build quality inside is like a home-built kit car, and a bad one at that.

    The driver and passenger barely fit - their feet are actually touching! Takes 45 mins to change gear. Sounds like a toilet flushing. The sale listing says "Top Speed of 268 MPH". Somehow, I doubt it.

    I get that this is from 1995 so It's bound to be somewhat primitive compared to modern cars, but the McLaren F1 came out before the C1000, and didn't cost as much when new. I guess it's telling that F1s are worth over ten times what they cost new, whereas this has plummeted just like any other normal car would have.

    It'll be scrap in another 20 years.
  6. I'd buy one but not for 700k dollars. I'd definately go 10k on one
  7. It's definitely rough around the edges but I think the main thing is it's clearly been neglected and left somewhere rotting away for most of it's life.

    I first heard of it about five years ago when it appeared on a Jalopnik article at the dealer in the video having a broken clutch replaced. Must've come from the UAE completely battered. Maybe the clutch broke in the 90's and the owner just gave up on it and moved onto the next shiny thing.

    I'd imagine it'd run and look a lot better if it was restored from the ground up by people who know the mechanicals but the chances of that happening are pretty damn slim I'd imagine.

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