Lotec Sirius vs. Ferrari Enzo

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by F50Fanatic, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. which car do you rather have?
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    Ferrari Enzo, because I like Ferrari better and the Enzo is WAAAAY better looking, its got faster 0-60(3.5) Sirius(3.7), and more RPM(7800) sirius(6300)....BUT. Sirius has a higher top speed(400kph) Enzo(350kph), It's weights less(1280kg) Enzo(1370kg), and its got soooooo much more bhp(1334bhp) Enzo(660bhp). But who needs 1334 horsepower on a car that you drive on the streets????? Do you really need that much power on a street legal car???? Do you really need that much power period?????? Are you going to go that fast anyways????? The answer to all those questions is NO! Overall, Ferrari Enzo all the way!!!

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    I'd rather have both, but if I had to choose I'd take this b/c it is oddball.
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    ferrari enzo does 0-60 in 3.3 ...and has top speed of 217.5 mph... also has the best breaks the world has ever seen...but brembo and volvo made them lol i think...but ya id go with enzo...they only made 5 percent of the enzo's black....black looks the best in my opinion
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    Enzo no doubt...
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    enzo. just because of the performance and if you drove this around the u.s., they would say "thats strange" and turn their head. if u wer in an enzo.. they wuld ask 2 put on a show.
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    I'd rather have the Lotec than the Enzo. I like the style of the Lotec better. The Enzo is cool but just is...odd.
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    i like the front to this better but the back to the enzo better.. the enzo is faster... but i dont know
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    Ferrari's are over estimated, this thing would thrash an enzo any time, besides, i find the enzo quite ugly, and it's top speed kinda... you know...
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    the question should be which 1 would win a race and to answer your question, Enzo because it looks better... this thing could most likely beat it in a race but the ferrari is an F***ing ferrari man and it looks alot better than this peice
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    I would take the Ferrari Enzo because it has a better company backing it up. Ferrari is a big name and would thus have better conveniences in it. Not only is it important to drive in a fast car (which both are), but in comfort. The Ferrari just has a better all around package.
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    tough choice but probably th enzo, i just like ferrari better. but the sirius is faster...
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    I am thinking...yeah, DEFINATELY the Lotec. Why? Let's see...better power/weight ratio...a killer body...monsterous midrange torque...some big ass meats in the back (345's I think it said)...oh yeah, and the most important thing of all...IT'S ONE OF A KIND!!! So when asked which it would be, how could anyone NOT answer LOTEC ALL THE WAY? ENOUGH SAID...
  16. enzo or tractor a 1334 tractor
  17. Lotec. Just because Ferrari has a big name backing the Enzo doesn't mean it's better. This looks better, too. The enzo looks like sh!t compared to this. This is something nobody else could think of.
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  20. The lotec of course! if you change the tires to the best tires that is accepted on the roads, which lotec says they have done in 2006, it will accelerate from 0-60mp/h in less than 2 seconds, and the top speed will be almost 30 km/h higher!!! and if they max it out today, wich they have'nt yet, it is capable for speeds around 430 km/h!!! and 30 km/h more is a lot in that speed. lotec guarantee that! did i spell guarantee right???

    ANYWAY, it will kick ass when they have changed the tire-company... the only lotec wanted was to produce the BEST car in the world that goes faster than 400km/h, wich they did, there is more chance to survive in that speed than in any other car, exept a truck maybe or a hummer... the just wanted to make sure that it was faster than 400km/h, wich it was. they didnt have full RPM in 400 km/h, and the speed was climbing very fast!

    lotec says that it is capable for speeds over 400km/h, they says its capable for 430km/h right now, and with the new tires, it will go up to 30 km/h faster!!!!

    so the lotec would win this fight EEEAASSYYY!!!! at least in 2006 anyway, but i would chose it anyway... its one of a kind, and so on!
  21. by the way, the lotec would beat the FXX too!!! everything is better on the lotec from 2006 and after!!!
  22. Definitly the Lotec. Enzo is too mainstream, and the Lotec is better (in my opinion)

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