Lotus Elise?

Discussion in '2000 Hommel Berlinette RS2' started by Gumball, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Can anyone tell me what this is???
    This car looks the same as a Elise(this one has much better bhp)

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  2. Re: Lotus Elise?

    what this is?

    its a 2000 Hommel Berlinette RS2 hahaha<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: Lotus Elise?

    it looks like a cross between a lotus elise and a ferrari 355 spyder in my opinion
  4. Re: Lotus Elise?

    looks kinda like it but no it goes 20mph less than this
  5. Re: Lotus Elise?

    It isnt a lotus elise
  6. Re: Lotus Elise?

    Looks like a Lotus, but I don't think there is any relation between this and an Elise.
  7. Re: Lotus Elise?

    I think it looks like a kit car, but it might be the racing style side screens that suggest that to me.........
  8. Re: Lotus Elise?

    doesnt look at all like the Elise, the mark I or the mark II

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