Lotus Europa S - photoshoot

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by FerrariKing, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. went out with a friend to take some shots of his new lotus....

  2. Nice photos, gross car. Though, it looks WAY better in that red than in the silver/gray the press car was and you definitely made the most of it. Nice work.
  3. i just realised i took most of the photos of the same side of the car... next time i'll make a consious effort.
  4. Yeah, most all of your shots in the second post look very, very similar. But I do the same thing sometimes. It's surprising how much there is to think about when you're trying to get everything you want/need... I just did a shoot and I didn't get a shot I wanted, despite having a second chance at grabbing photos of the car.
  5. i hate that car, but nice shots man.
  6. Horrible car + nice pictures = great photographer
  7. Great shots, not a fan of the car either though but that color makes it look ok.
  8. yeah we went to 3 locations. the 1st location there arent any pics posted cos i just couldnt get a good photo. oh well.

    thanks for the comments guys
  9. Very good pics man ! I'm not fan of the design of this car but i think it's a funny car to drive.
  11. Oh it is…. I’m 6”2 and I could just get into it. The guy who owns it is about 6” and he seems to be ok at getting in and out. I’m not so elegant getting in and out but since there’s no centre tunnel, there lots of room for the pedals (something most mid engine cars lack)
    You also need to like the person in the passenger seat, cos you are shoulder to shoulder in there.
    It’s a pretty quick car too, not high revving, but its turbo charged so it has lots of torque.

    But as per typical lotus…. It creaks and taps and knocks and makes lots of fun noises… sounds like its going to fall apart
  12. I don't understand why there is so much hate for the car, I myself like them a lot. I can't wait for the Dodge Circuit EV to be produced
  13. U know before I did the shoot, I wasn’t a huge fan of it either. Seeing some media shots of the car looked awkward and high off the ground…. The latter being due to low down shots and the car being so small, that the ground clearance was a bit misleading. I had seen a black one out the front of a dealer a couple of times and it didn’t look too crash hot. But after spending a few hours with the car, I think it looks great. Whether my photos made it look better or worse, well that’s subjective, I hope I made it look better.
  14. FerrariKing...I've always liked the style of the car, and your pictures of it are great! I saw the Dodge Circuit EV, and as I'm sure we all know its built off the Europa, at the Chicago Auto Show, and I never realized before then how small the car really is.

    To sum that up...

    I like the style already, your pictures look great and possibly make me like it even more than before, I can't wait for the Dodge version
  16. NICE PICS!!!
  17. That red really suits the car, love it.
  19. Interesting pictures, but imo they are WAY over saturated
  20. Damn, good job man!
  21. Sweet new non Dahldrin desktop
  22. my work here is done....

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