Lotus Evora James Bond

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  1. Any article connected to the James Bond movies commands a larger price. A Lotus Evora that looks like the one Mr. Bond drove in the 1981 film “For Your Eyes Only” is available for a little over $70,000. The price sounds very reasonable for a Bond car. But is it a Bond car at all? This Evora is the Bond car that James never drove and it doesn’t seem likely to appear on the silver screen ever.

    For the 1981 film James Bond had driven a Lotus Esprit at a northern Italian ski resort. This Evora has been painted and lightly customized to resemble the car that was used in the film. This car was readied for a press event in the French Alps. Journalists drove Evoras on an ice-racing track in the region, where this Lotus provided amusing pop-culture eye candy at the event.

    A car becomes collectible by mere association with the entertainment industry. This ski-rack-equipped Evora has been photographed a lot during the press event and later. It has been visible on the web extensively. It has been used for promotions at the dealerships. The value addition or the extra being asked for the remote connection to James Bond is just 10% over the price of a regular Lotus Evora.

  2. Now only if it can go underwater.
  3. didn't this happen a year ago?
  4. woop dee #$%#ing doo!
  5. Didn't read article, looked at thumbnail and thought there was an RPG mounted on the car, then I enlarged the pic <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. the original was stupid hot. i just love the color. I prefer it to the white ones.

    if TSCM is out there, how expensive are these actually? Like, I can see good 1990 era ones for like, 18k. What if I only drove it like, 2k in a year and stored it always, can I afford to keep an old series 1 or something?
  7. the late 70's and early 80's Esprit turbos can be had from anywhere in running condition from 10 to 30 thousand.

    the one you really want though is the JPS special edition. its just beautiful.
  8. can i afford to run it though? like how often will it break down lol?
  9. damn, that's awesome!
  10. it'll break down lots. but they aren't that bad to repair the parts are relatively cheap since they made that engine for years. also the thing to look at is rust. they weren't made from the best metal.

    also if you were really looking for an Esprit to run try and find one of the early 90's inline 4's (same body style as the V8 but less than half the cost to run). perfect ones sell for under 25k.
  11. That is very very hot
  12. prolly can't drive more than half a foot in snow
  13. Complete shit
  14. meh, this is not awesome at all.

    yay lets paint a new car like an old model that was in a film from years ago that has nothing to do with the current car
  15. doesnt it also use bits from loads of other cars? or have i imagined that?
  16. there are alot of common parts with other cars.
  17. I have come to hate the Esprit, just because the pedals are too close together.

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