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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by NeoGoatboy, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. i see no purpose of this car. there's a elise, exige and the europa. where the #$%# does this fit in?
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    as for this lotus, i need to see it in a different color or perhaps real life before i spout off and start judging it. any chance we're getting it in the states ?

  3. The Elise and Exige are the bread and butter cars. As soon as you settle down and start a family owners tend to leave the brand. So the Evora, which is a bigger car than the Europa will fill in the space left between the Elise and Esprit replacement when it is released in two years time.

    The Europa will quitely dissapear as soon as the Evora is established. I have read rumours that the chassis will go on to become a customer car. The guesses at this stage is that it will be the Fiat coupe/roadster. If this is the case then it will be softer than the Elise.
  4. I would be *astonished* if you don't.
  5. a bit of a early 90's design but there's nothing wrong with that
  6. Looks old already.
  7. my hope for this car has dropped
  8. It is released in the US in 2010. It will be fairly rare to see though as they only plan to make 2000 a year for the global market.
  9. thanks
    ya i want to see it in another color & in real life. i dont know if its going to be coming to n.a. but if it does i dont see it doing rely good i live and work in the financial district of toronto and dont see many lotus' only the true enthusiasts buy them as a track day car to park beside there ferrari or there lambo
  10. its the internet i dont bother with proper gamer
  11. i know that the Evora is a completely new car and its a 2 seater with the option to be a 2+2 i never knew that if i bought one i dont know if i would bother with the 2+2 cuz not may of my friend are going to fit back there anyway.

    have they evern started working on the Esprit's replacement┬┐
  12. ya smaller
    can i get it w/o the backseats
  13. I dun like the front end at all. The Elise looks much better.
  14. lulz

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