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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Fump, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. anyone an expert, ever set one up?
  2. Ask the Chinese beside you.
  3. they all lazy, onry we gurmans wurk
  4. No, cus lotus is older than china.
  5. damn

    and now? entertain me
  6. Lotus Notes is shit.
    Sorry m8
  7. i le agrees

    well it has good things implemented, but yah, old shiz
  8. black lotus fighting society
  9. Get MS Access
  10. ahahahah, Lotus software.
  11. You mean MS Exchange?
  12. I didn't really know what the product did to be honest. I hadn't seen Lotus since the mid 90s
  13. Lotus reminds me of my dad's OS/2 work box from when I was a kid... his 'laptop' was more like a briefcase...
  14. i shoudl know alot, but i forgot most of it. what do ya have problems with?
  15. dunno, never worked on/with a Lotus Notes database :-D

    Lotus is the next best project management tool I cna think of, projectpalce costs too much and is web-based/foreign hosted, so ...

    What do you guys use at work for project management, emails and so on?
  16. we dont use it for project management or anything, we just use it for emails/calenders/ planner sorta thing on our deployable computer networks

    it is very functional, but a pain in the ass to set up, use and administer. outlook / exchange is so much friendlier its unbelieveable.
  17. we use lotus notes at work ...TD bank
  18. Yeah but outlook is not as powerful, and well, Microsoft :-/ Don't wanna know how much trojans and shit we'd get here with it
  19. Google less lotus notes and more Domino. Other than that I got nothing to help you.
  20. Microsoft Exchange.
  21. not as good, and well, Microsoft :-/
  22. wut they have at openoffice.org for that?
  23. There are plenty of OpenSource equivalents BTW (The Mozilla callendar/mail prog, the Gnome Evolution stuff, probably something from OOo), that use the caldav standard IIRC...

    edit -- it seems caldav is also Apple's solution of choice now as well: iCal/Mail.app for Leopard support it and Leopard Server includes a ground-up caldav server.

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