lotus sucks

Discussion in '2001 BMW X Coupe Concept' started by deuginthesky, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Learn to write idiot !!!!
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    lotus does not suck... i strongly suggest you get an education,about cars and about proper spelling<!-- Signature -->
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    How did a 'Lotus sucks' remark end up in the BMW X Coupe Concept forum?<!-- Signature -->
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    I do not know, and I wish the morons that brought it up should be shot to death...<!-- Signature -->
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    Did he just say Lotus sucks? Does he know anything about cars?<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from eurupe car expert290</i>
    <b>lotus sucks and um mclearen woald have been wasted if the ford GT90 woald have went into production. SUCKERS.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->LOL, did this gay retard just say that Ford could kill Lotus and McLaren, your probably a retarted little 12 years old who thinks American cars are the best, here's what I think, when you get old enough to drive your Geo or Cavalier then your gonna wish you had a McLaren or a Lotus. That had to be the stupidest comment EVER.
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    Its unbelievable what level of stupidity some people can reach...

    first--Learn to post in the Right forum,
    second--"observe" the year when McLaren and GT90 were designed,
    third--what does lotus have to do with them two,
    fourth and Most important--Learn how to spell -- that "woald" word confused me for a bit,
    and last--next time you post something, think twice befor you do it.

    One more thing ---Grow UP--- unless you really are some 5yr old kid whos been grounded to his room and now posts stuff to get some attention

    Lets sum it up --- you diss on lotus on the BMW forum...then jump to McLaren and Ford...then you call us suckers...you definitely need a doctor.

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    Lotus is awesome, you idiot. You must be stupid for saying they suck. Sure they're slow, but that's because they're electronically limited, you imbecil.
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    I'm not even going to get started with this guy
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    What a bloody idiot!
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    ha i dont think the GT90 WOALD waste the mclaren ever. Gt90 is an ugly a$$ car. your an idiot. SUCKER. ha
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    I believe this is a BMW FORUM...??
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    isn't this a BMW forum?
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    you realize of course that you're an idiot....right?
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    lotus doesn't suck, I was going to buy one,only 30 to 60 thousand for good performance
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    #1-What is Group Lotus doing on a Bimmer forum?
    #2-Ever heard of the...
    Elise, Europa, Esprit 77, Superseven, etc.?
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    Just ignore this wanker hes only trying to wind people up(and he seems to have achieved that).I find it a shame that so often its stupid threads like this are the ones which higher post counts than serious,genuine threads
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    this is gay. why would some one post a lotus and mclaren comment in this forum...?
  19. wtf i never started this topic!!!!! some one must have hacked my account. infact the lotus elise is one of my favorite cars. and i didnt write that post above this either
  20. well this forum is started by a Dumbarse. Lotus is a great car company! Speed, quality and good price. What else could you ask for?

    This BMW looks like an Elise from the rear.

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