loudest aircraft you've heard?

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  1. the B1B was #$%#ing loud as i remember

    but just about as loud as most anything else ive seen at airshows, maybe they were all so loud i couldnt even tell anymore
  2. The SR-71 I heard at an airshow at edwards AFB when I was a kid. The Hornets they have based here in Burbank are loud as hell, probably 3 times as loud as the ususal commercial jets flying out.
  3. F15 at full afterburner.
  4. spitfire. I was stupid enough to not wear earplugs while a friend of mine fired up a Merlin he had just finished rebuilding.
  5. CF-18 (It was doing low fly overs, very loud)
  6. B-17 is the loudest prop aircraft I've heard.
  7. i wonder how much louder a B29 is.
  8. Concorde was super loud...flew at the Toronto airshow about 10 years ago.

    Space Shuttle trumps all though
  9. F-16 Fighting Falcon. & the sonic boom that follow said jet. That was awesome. Coolest plane I've ever seen up close? F117 Stealth Fighter.
  10. I can't say I've heard many. I'm an Kanadier, and don't go much to airshows. However I remember on 9/11 when jets were scrambled over my (and every other North American) city. I was just south of the airport at the time, where they had refueled, and two CF-18's flew right above me; didn't seem like more than 200 yards up.

    Was loud.
  11. They are much quieter...have seen a few fly over

    Everything pales in comparison to the Lancaster though. Not that it was terribly loud, but 4 Merlin engines purring is nothing short of a perpetual orgasm.
  12. B1, i can say for a fact that no plane ive heard at the airport is as loud as that one
  13. Tornado at the Paris air show.
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    Also I've been right behind jets in St Maarten, it's amazing. There are some 727s and you're just so close so it's really loud.

  15. there is only one B29 flying.
  16. 2 rafales breaking through the soundbarrier. i took a shit afterwards.
  17. 2 b1's taking of last night. wow.
  18. There is NOTHING that flies in this world that is louder than a harrier on a vertical take-off. It's 100 yards away, your hands are over your ears, and your head still feels like a Cal Trans crew is working on it.
  19. ...but you're not including the B50 (essentially a B29) that was given to the Russians. Heck..Cuba still has one or two of these around.
  20. like, immediately afterwards or a few hours later when you got home?
  21. Yeah I was in a... in a hurry
  22. inmediately.
  23. lol
  24. V-1 Fieseler Fi 103

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