Loudest racing car ever?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by PBRmeASAP, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. well land speed cars.... you wouldn't hear them till htey've gone by....
  2. Hey n00bzilla. There are over 230 classes of land speed racing. Take a guess at how many are for cars faster than the speed. Or better yet how many cars have actually done it.
  3. It only takes one time breaking the sound barrier to be the loudest car out there.
  4. try sitting in a car 50 ft from a 747 at full throttle, thats a awesome sight
  5. Having been 3 metres from a Cosworth engine being revved when it was sitting in the back of teh car and they had just installed it, i can tell you they are super loud, and they probably werent even getting close to the red line. When i sit on the straight at Melbourne, the cars are maxing out at the S/F line, where i sit. I sit probably 5-7 metres from teh cars and i can tell you that you absolutely cannot have a conversation when they go past, you have to pause your conversation. But the F18 flyover is much much much louder.
  6. Loadest car I've ever heard live was a Saleen S7R. When that thing entered the top of the Laguna Seca corckscrew, it sounded likea #$%#ing thunderstrom before the car came to view. Followed by wonderful ear-raping pain.
  7. So do I.

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