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    Yeah. Doesn't everyone like fake add-ons that actually hinder the car's performance rather than aid it? You see, since they're not functional, the fake scoops make the air rush into a blocked "wall" instead of going to the engine like it should. Therefore, the areodynamics of the car are affected and the performance will not reach it's full potential. The only reason they were added was to increase sales by making the car look "faster" than it really is. It is a clever strategy that bulk-manufacturers (like Ford) use to make profits. The sad thing is, there are millions of people in the U.S. alone who fall for it.
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    I doubt the reason for the scoops is to increase sales. Only 300 were built and all were sold before production began. Interesting theory though.
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    i agree that the concept of fake "performance" add ons is stupid...very stupid.
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    the mach mustang has a functional one, so get that instead
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    Speaking of <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    As far as I know, some models of the Mustang are the only Cars that come from the factory pre-ryced out.
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    You're saying the add-ons will hinder its performance? Wrong. The Cobra (and other mustangs) already have the aerodynamics of a brick. 1/100s of a second wind resistance won't slow it down at all.
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    Good point. The car IS bad already...........but add-ons make it worse.
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    First of all, the air dam in the front of the car has been proven to help along with the wing in the back to hold the car down and increase traction. Second, the holes above the airdam go directily to the front breaks to cool them. Third, the fake scoops on the back behind the doors arent flat so then they wouldnt affect anything at all. Finally, you guys are just plain retarded. All of the orders were filled almost 1 WEEK after SVT said it was going to be produced. Also they didn't need to make it "look fast" because plain and simple it is fast and will smoke a ZO6 right off the showroom floor. Please, PLEASE think be for you type, then maybe you wouldn't be such idiots.
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    Very well
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    Amen to that.
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    your pretty stupid. WOW a car that weighs 1,710 can BARELY beat a car that weighs 3,590. The results that they got for the Cobra R were wrong. MotorTrend got 0-60 in 4.4, the quarter mile in 12.9 @ 112mph, skid pad test of 1.01g's, and a braking distance from 60-0 of 109ft. In that case the Cobra R would have one except for the quarter mile TIME, the speed was faster for the Cobra R though. You can check if you want to see it yourself. Heres the site:

    There is an asterisk at the bottom that says the info was from Motor Trend. Some four bangers can go fast and the only reason is because they weigh so much less, still they can really move(like the Lotus Esprit).
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    Actually, in that article, if you look closer you'll see that the Elise in the comparison still beats ALL of Motor Trend's results.

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    i agree mustangs sux

    too mmaannyy mustangs
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    You're the only one I see here who's being an idiot.
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    Everyone else here also agrees with "Password Please".
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    They didnt even need them to sell the damn car. All 300 were sold before... cant think of the word its like 12:00 and I cant think. Anyways i like the picture you have of that lightning. I dont like trucks but i love the lightning.
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    According to your list of cars, you'd take a FRIGGIN' MUSTANG over a Lamborghini? Two Ferraris? Even a Viper??? You have an extremely biased opinion and you're making an ass of yourself by saying WE'RE the idiots. The only idiot here is YOU.
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    And yet this car is one of the best handling American Cars with bad aerodynamics.
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    You're right.
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    yah what are the price ranges now cars that are simaliar......pen!s wrinkle
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    How do u consider the mustang ryce? First of all its American and second of all, the fake scoops on the mustang are to pay tribute to the mustangs of the late sixties. Now if im not mistaken the term ryce just came into existence but a few short years ago...where as the mustangs fake scoops were created in the sixties...Fake scoop or not, this mustang is fast as hell, and the only thing that slows it down is the wing which is used for traction during high speeds. Without the wing..its quarter mile run would be much faster, but the quarter mile isnt what this mustang is built for...its built for the track for real racing.
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    Dunno bout you but i hate em'. i love this car though.
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    Why don't you say something intelligent?

    Worst post ever

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