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  1. they got 350 kg off, not a bad effort at all
  2. anyone else think it could be lighter? lost 20 pounds from the 360 though...
  3. that would dpend on how many other panels on the car are turned into carbon,right?
  4. if it could be lighter it would be. ferrari isnt just going to leave extra weight on there if they dont have to. its as light as it can be.
  5. No your probably wrong there! Ferrari could make it lighter, but they just dont want to. the reason i say this is because they need something to build on and improve. think about it manufacturers have the technology to make cars alot better, but they hold back that little bit so they can use it in future developments and therefore make more money.
    all they need to do is compete and win, they dont need to excel the competitors...... maybe im wrong lol but it seems logical to me
  6. No.

    This car has to fit a set of technical regulations put forth by IMSA. They can't simply just make it as light as they want. 1100kg is the limit, so that's how light theya made it. And when you completely strip the interior and make the body completely out of carbon fiber, and other race ready things, it's not hard to drop weight fast.
  7. fast in the corners!
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  9. Very nice.

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