Low standard American car.

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by I AM RICH, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Quite frankly this is a low standard car. A businessman of my high posh standard prefers more civilized car. Not this ugly labourer's dream car.
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    Makes you wonder, with all your riches you still managed to rack up 1300 posts. Bet you feel special.
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    People could care less about your opinion.
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    Wow, nobody's freaked out at this yet.
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    i'll freak out at this "rich fool" alright, first u so-called "business man" not only are you #$%#ing lame for wasting your time looking at this piece of shit car you are wasting your time #$%#ing posting your lame non-existant fortunes on a #$%#ing board for someone like me to come across and just #$%# with your pitty mind. and also if your a #$%#ing "business man" with high standards learn how to spell... beeatch
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    English is not his first language. And get over it, everyone knows he's lying.
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    he didn't spell anything wrong (if you're referring to "labourer", only Americans spell labour without a "u")

    and you spelled "petty" wrong, unless of course if you meant "pitiful"
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    Everybody here must respect and admire I AM RICH. He is a nobel man. He is a man of very high standard. Anyone who does not follow this order will find out about my long reach.
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    So, this long arm of yours. Do you exercise with it all the time? How did it get so powerful?
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    I wish i was rich but im not. Im simply a labourer<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
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    hey are you I AM RICH in a different sn? or are you just his butt-buddy?
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    I am not I AM RICH. I am president Putin. I AM RICH is a businessman. He was recently banned from this site. He is my friend, i supply him with MIG jets in exchange for his business.

    Also you should talk to me in a civilized manner. "butt" Don't use this word. Only uneducated men use such world.
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    Re: Low standard American car.??? WTF!?!?!?!

    ARE YOU F¬CKING STUPID??!?!?!?!??!?

    How many times do you see a guy in a corvette just "picking up" some random blonde with fake boobs? ....never.
    thats what i thought!
    A Corvette is a classy, classic, muscle car that has handling manners comparable to pretty much ANY rYcer POS.

    The Z06 has the MOST VALUE out of ANY "super-car" there is out there. A stocker Z06 can keep pace with a 355 with a good driver, and WOOP on it with just a simple, low pressure blower on it; all for $40,000 LESS!

    Simply put, all who trash the Corvette are stupid, uneducated IDIOTS who dont know sh¬t about cars. If you stopped and examined the facts for a moment, maybe, just maybe, you would see how good the Corvette really is. While it is definitely not a contender to a V12 Diablo VT6.0 or whatever they are now a days, it sure has more value than one.

    If i had the $300,000 to pay for that Lambo, i would just put 55k down on the Z06, and put 10k into the engine. A $65,000 Corvette would then be a contender with any Ferrari or Lambo from the factory.

    Or, take for example, a Lingenfelter TT C5 Corvette, this Corvette is still worth $220,000 less than the Lambo, but can pull a faster 1/4!

    1.9 sec zero to sixty b¬tch!

    to see the 9.9 second vette...I am 99% sure that this vette is worth much less than any Lambo or Ferrari you will find out there, and is just as fast, AND can still handle pretty damn well indeed
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    You know what's funny? I thought you gave up a long time ago. I remember when you were boasting about owning a McLaren F1 GT (as I AM RICH) and finally you admitted you weren't rich or anything. But now, you're back for more... By the way, most Russians say MiG, not MIG. I find that unusual, considering you are supposedly the president of the Russian Federation, the very country where the Mikoyan Design Bureau operates out of, and with such prestige, you can't even take time to correctly abreviate one of the leading companies in aircraft design in the world, who supplies quite a few aircraft to Russia?

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    Yo man i agree with you.
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    Kindly do not call me I AM RICH. He had 1500 posts and was only recently banned. I am a new member and I AM RICH's friend.

    And also do not talk to me in such a manner. And you too american labourer, you show me respect.

    By the way, i have always been posting on this site but on the main forums not on the indi forums.
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    Re: Low standard American car.

    With such status you can surely capitalize your I's. And who said I'm American, dipshit. They don't erase forums as frequently as you may like, so the evidence of your previous conversations about how you lied are still available:

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    wow, you really dont know what you are talking about dont you. this car is not low standard at all. and trust me, i have relatives that are billionaires, not millionaires, but billionaires. and my family happens to be high class, not that high class but to the main point. even they love this car and think that it is a great car. this meets all the street car standards it needs to.
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    Long 'nuff to jerk off I AM RICH?
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    You must be american if you think this car is of a high standard. And don't campare your relatives with I AM RICH. He control 95% of the world's steel. He exports oil and owns fighter jets, luxery jets, and 7,500 supercars.
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    Only 95%? That's lame.
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    Lol, mr. putin. give it up, I AM RICH admitted that he was a liar, all you are doing is trying to drag out a lie. give it up.

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