Lowered Vehicles Tend to Have Airbag Suspension.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Finger Eleven, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. Stop talking about "Bottoming out on a piece of paper."

  2. Some have hydraulics too.
  3. I whine about ones without airbags and ones with no tire for the unsuspended components.
  4. Out of all the lowered cars Iv'e owned and built, none have had aribags, and many have been daily drivers. I've driven cars that were permanently at 1 1/2" ground clearance...
  5. Driving my Monte Carlo is a pain cause its pretty low...getting in and out of driveways and stuff. The Cutlass is fine now, but the front is going to be lowered about an inch and teh back 3/4 after I put the new springs in.
  6. My friend has a Renault 5 GT Turbo with hydraulics, not air bags.
  7. i dont really like airbags, so many lincolns from the 80s had airbags, and now they are all really low in the back.
  8. Well, come pay a visit to where I live then. My friend has a similar integra and cannot drive down main street because of clearance problems. It takes him 30 minutes to get downtown whereas it would take me 10 because of the roundabout roads.
  9. Why do people feel the need to spam threads like this and not just post it into a thread that already exists (preferably where the actual discussion is occuring)?
  10. Because not all of the morons would see it. It really is annoying when they say that it would bottom out.
  11. I've just seen the same thing posted in Modified Cars at least 20 times (maybe not referring to airbags, but how lowered cars can drive normally). I think if idiots aren't picking up on it now, creating another thread isn't going to help.
  12. Just because you live in an automotive hell does mot mean everyone who owns said cars have problems. And judging what is an isn't an acceptable modification in general based on teh conditions in YOUR area is narrowminded at best, as you aren't taking into account the 99.9999% of the world that ISN'T in your immediate area.

    Ies, it would be stupid to have an ultra lowrider in an area with really crappy pavement (or no pavement, etc). Saying it's useless on really bumpy roads is like saying someone is stupid for owning a jet ski because they don't work on dirt fields. It WOULD be stupid to buy a jet ski and put it in a farm field then compalin that it doesn't go anywhere, jus tlik eit would be stupid to take a lowrider to a crappy pothole filled bumpy road and then complain that you cna't get anywhere. it's blatantly obvious. It's should ALSO be blatantly obvious that there are many, MANY places where either CAN be used.

    It simply isn't a problem most places, and I've lived on both coasts, and driven quite a few miles of multiple states.
  13. Exactly, it's not a problem here in South Carolina, potholes, broken water mains and sinkholes abound. Hell I traveled down a dirt road the USPS said they will no longer deliver mail on because of road conditions the other week and spied several lowered vehicles.
  14. You can drive your car here lowered to the concret.........all you have to do is avoid the some potholes in parking lots....But who speeds at parking lots?

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