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  1. Some dirty poor was in my car at some point. I last drove it at 6pm yesterday, and today I took the Jeep to work because it hadn't been driven in a few days. Just now I wanted to take the GTO to the store, and I noticed the hood was popped up. That seemed weird right away - I last gassed it up a few days ago and was under the hood to check fluids and such, so I know I didn't pop the hood and forget to actually do something under there.

    Everything under the hood looked in order, got in the car to drive away, and there was a shirt in the passenger seat. Did my buddy leave it there when we went out on Wednesday? Took stock of stuff in my car - oh yeah, I don't leave anything in my car except a sun visor which is behind the seats and what the #$%#? Part of the interior in the back had been pulled off - a cosmetic panel between the rear buckets held on by tension clips, fortunately, so no actual damage was done.

    It looks like they might have been trying to make their way into the trunk. Fortunately they didn't realize that there's a button in the glove to open the trunk. But all that's back there is bottles of water and shooting targets. Probably my fault anyway for leaving it unlocked, but there's literally noting in there worth taking. The visor, the bottled water, a spare tire, and some detailing brushes. Wouldn't want to get my windows smashed for just that. I'm just pissed that some dumb #$%# tried to tear up my interior.

    tl;dr; XXL ecko unlimited t-shirt found in my car. nearly got burgled by a ghetto trash can.
  2. banatucker would go threaten the black neighbors with a gun
  3. shoot up the neighbour hood y0
  4. "hey guys whats going on, we robbin this joint?"
  5. Dont they close the gates at night? I used to smoke weed like 10 years ago in that lil lake behind your apartment lol
  6. i think i remember you telling me that once. theres always little groups of ``youths`` going over the little bridge over to the lake, so i can only imagine whats going on down there. probably calculus homework and prayer sessions.

    anyway, they rarely close them anymore. but it could have just as easily been someone who lived there.
  7. "which one of you is treyvon?"
  8. my freidns car got went through by ghetto trash before , they didnt take nothing
  9. got went through
  10. i thought ecko was only worn by white people who want to be black. never seen a black person in ecko gear
  11. Florida sounds like a 5th world country.
  12. Gates? What is this? Medieval europe?
  13. lol ecko untd

    Such chav/scally clothing. I bet party paul has some
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  15. Wait, so nothing was broken or stolen, you got a free shirt, and you're complaining?
  16. This is why you should always carry a swedish custom double axe made of sandvik steel, just incase you catch them in the act and they aggress you.
  17. I agree it was probably the salvation army

    But don't let them aggress you
  18. Yes I'm complaining. Some ghetto trash can violated my space. As much as they talk about ''respect'' and whatnot, I'd expect they'd stay out of my personal space.
  19. You could use "Stand Your Ground" law to your advantage.

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