LP560-4, GT-R, SCUDERIA, GT2, f360, f355

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    looks like the gt-r hit the limiter, JDM version that was limited. the track looks a little damp, so awd cars FTW.
    gt2's traction control light was flashing alot.

    i really want that lambo! I think the GT2 would have an advantage on a track with less corners, it has to slow down so much to go around each one, and cant abuse its speed in the straits. The R35 uses its full power on each turn allowing it to catch up from the other higher power cars. the lambo is just freaking awesome, perfectly built and well worth the money. Tho the GT-R costs alot less, its a great choice for most people.
  2. am i wrong for wanting to drive the 355 more than any of the others there?
  3. Between these cars, the GTR looks like the ugly duckling.

    P.S. I like the GTR styling.
  4. It's all about the passion.

    And the fact the F355 is one of the best looking cars of all time.

    Also noone can drive Ferraris at all in Japan.
  5. Scuderia still the best in track
  6. The GT-R wasn't limited, it did well above 200kp/h.

    The F355 still sounds the best.
  7. sorry, i think the R35 hit the limiter is what i ment.
  8. If it's normally limited @ 180, how did it go well above 200 then?
  9. the GT2. how disappointing. I guess it's really pushing the limits of it's own design.. I hate to say it, but I wonder if the Ferrari's are on the same path. the two big winners are heavy AWD cars. they were composed and consistent and fast.
  10. The Scuderia started from 6th position ...I think its pretty good to pass 3 cars in 3 laps.
  11. Rev limiter not govner. The scud is wonderfull and a great package, just falls short against this set of cars (by a bit only).

    The gt2 is maxed out platform. The die hard fans won't let it die even tho they have a better one that could surpass it.

    With the new gtr and the new lambos and audi's cars are going to take a turn to try and surpass them, as they are now the new benchmarks to beat. Ferrari has a lot lined up in the next ten years to make some great cars differently to keep up.
  12. 355 wins in my book.
  13. i dont really like these guys because they always make european and american cars slower and always are praising their cars. the gtr has alredy been beaten several times by the gt2 and scudiera and for those cars to get beat by 2 seconds in such a small track isnt very believable
  14. Twin ring Motegi is a full on GP circuit. They do more then 2 minutes a lap, so i wouldn't call it small.
  15. where has the GT2 beatin the R35?

    and yes, its not a small track, but its got alot of turns that the GTR can exploit.

    i dont see where best motoring "make" euro and american cars slower. thats just plain ignorance. I agree they are japanese and like japanese cars. i havent seen any of the best motoring guys drive the R35 better than steve millen does, so, they dont really try and make it look good, if you get what im trying to convey.
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    Hockenheim short track lap times:

    1:09.7 --- 134.22 km/h - Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1497 kg (sport auto 03/08)
    1:10.3 --- 133.14 km/h - Ferrari F430 Scuderia, 510 PS/1402 kg (sport auto 07/08)
    1:10.3 --- 133.14 km/h - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, 560 PS/1590 kg (sport auto Supertest 11/08)
    1:11.2 --- 131.72 km/h - Nissan GT-R Clubsport, 480 PS/1765 kg (sport auto 01/09) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=0&fID=1&tID=168964
    1:11.3 --- 131.62 km/h - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, 560 PS/1590 kg (sport auto 08/08) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=0&fID=2&tID=162018
    1:12.86 -- 128.37 km/h - Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1486 kg, Kurt Thiim (Autozeitung Powercars 05/08) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=3&fID=0&tID=165862
    1:13.0 --- 128.22 km/h - Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (sport auto 02/04)
    1:15.1 --- 124.63 km/h - Ferrari 360 Modena (sport auto 10/99)
    1:15.3 --- 124.30 km/h - Ferrari F355 (sport auto 06/97)

    different daya, different track conditions, different drivers
  17. Damp track + 500+ lb-ft + RWD = ideal conditions
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    Sport Autois just a magazine, not the Holy Bibble...
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  20. ya sport auto cant even drive a R35. they need lessons from nissan. they dont have any truth... they have one day on a track that was also damp. then they call it truth... lmao. get someone out there that knows how to goto the limit in the r35, or get some lessons from nissan, they offered. being a pro race driver is not an excuse anymore.
  21. ugh its mindless oath again. #$%#ing fanboy.
  22. I could put more water on that track with my bladder.
  23. Alain Prost was 2 seconds per lap slower in the GT-R then the GT2. You're saying he needs driving lessons too?
  24. yes, i am. im not saying he is a bad driver. he is pro after all. but if your looking to find the limit of the r35, he didnt do it. Pro drivers drive the car the only way they know how. im not sure if they are open to driving differnt ways.

    he is an excelent driver and i dont mean any dissrespect, im just trying to make a point, no matter how mute it is.

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