LP560-4 vs. SL 63 AMG vs. 997 GT2

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Jul 25, 2008.

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  2. SL63 is out-of-place.
  3. SL 65 AMG Black Series ?
  4. The SL is gorgeus in that color. But I'll take the GT2.
  5. LP560 please
  8. GT2 duh..but if it was a Black Series SL I'd choose that one I guess
  10. i would prefer the gt2 but i wouldn't have a mercedes, they are heavy and are limited to 155 mph.
  11. LP560 by a long shot
  12. Extremely hard to choose between the GT2 and the Gallardo
  13. the one with a manual
  14. LP560?
  15. i was thinking G-sl, oops.

    but GT2.
  16. G SL came in a manual too! :p
  17. rly? i thought it was flappy paddles only like the 430 S.

    my bad.

    GT2 anyways.
  18. i really like this colour combo on the lp560
  19. DAMN That's hot
  20. the F40's still got it.

    the new lambos, because of their sharp edges and such, look so CRISP in white. love it.
  21. the benz is outgunned here but ill still take it if it were my money.

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