LP640 plays supporting role in new Batman movie

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, May 8, 2008.

  1. The Enzo has better lines, faster, more exclusive for a billionaire.

    But I am wrong. Bruce Wayne uses the Lamborghini for a disguise. He's pretending to be an arrogant playboy asshole only concerned with attention & the attention of others; a guy who doesn't care about the world.

    The Lambo is perfect for his cover. Winkleman is right. "A Lamborghini would be a natural choice for Bruce Wayne."
  2. lol u fanboy go back to masterbating over your poster of a ferrari.
  3. so when he rolls up to the women and looks like an idiot rolling the windows down, he can get out and say

    "well it doesnt have power windows so I can go 0.1 seconds faster than another car like the Porsche Carrera GT which can lap a giant track in germany called the nurburgring in seven minutes and thirty seconds. you see ladies, since f = ma and I have decreased mass while keeping the force constant, naturally, acceleration will increase. come on, hop in. let me help you with that 58 point harness"
  4. I'd rather have Ferrari roll down windows than Audi powered electric ones.
  5. that because you are an idiot.
  6. better lines is your personal opinion, i sure few people thinks that the enzo has better lines than a lp640.
  7. lp640 looks just like a murcielago which looks like a diablo which is a countach.

    Nothing on the road looks like an Enzo, its totally unique with unique lines that have actual purpose of fucntionality.

  8. audi needs to stop whoring themselves to hollywood, i'm losing passion
  9. LP640 looks just like the Murcielago? is that why its called the Murcielago LP640?

  10. you seriosly need to be banned, your points are always weak and they involve your personal opinion.

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