LP670-4 SV

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by bob777, Mar 2, 2009.

  2. Look at the bright side at least you can slap a license plate on those cars you mentioned
  3. on a car that costs 1.5 mil? seems stupid

    edit: 1.5 mil - i was thinking of the new aston. how much is this going to be anyway?
  4. About 400k
  5. it's ok I guess
  6. No rear wing and it'd be perfect.
  7. don't be stupid, this car isn't a stripped out track car like the enzo, and was never intended to be. The enzo was a purpose built track car, the murcielago an AWD street car.
  8. Iron Stallion = Drift King = Spyder
    trollfest 2k9
  9. no. Iron Stallion= FNAF
  10. I hope your parents didn't pay too much for that business degree....

    On topic, I would love the design if the extra bits (well, most of them) were body-coloured. The two-tone looks hideous.
    I definitely love the wing though. In my opinion, wings either need to be integrated into the bodywork (ala DBS) or as #$%#ing massive as physically possible. The Superleggera's wasn't either and it sucked ass.
  11. Someone said this car probably couldn't beat the Enzo and thats why I said the Enzo would lap this car. So you & I agree on that point.

    But I bed to differ with you about the Enzo not being a street car as well. Its surprisingly civil on the road. Before Richard Losse crashed his he had over 20k miles on it with no problems.

    I hope this is the last Murcielago ever made. Its pretty sad what Lamborghini is doing.
  12. No but I wish he was still around. Everything the guy said has come true about Lambo "rehasing" as he would call it.

    I hope we see a brand new Lamborghini model by next year. Please no more Murcielagos or Gallardos.
  13. Shut up, it's you FNAF. And be thankful I haven't banned your ass yet buddy.
  14. you're crazy, this is the best murcielago yet. its the first performance mod since the LP640 facelift.
  15. you tell him!
  17. You're lucky I like your trolling or you'd be next, buddy.
  18. alright mr obama
  19. Cut it with the racism, stupid nigger.
  20. it is an LP
  21. How many village children did you have to sell to get your 28.8k dialup?
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  23. this isn't a zero sum game.

    The fact of the matter is the Enzo is a purpose built track car that happens to be unlike track cars because of exceptional road manners.

    the Murcie is and always has been a purpose built street car and has shown to be relatively ineffective on the track in it's class. the point being now that the Murcie has grown to become on par with the Enzo without losing it's sight of it's goals.

    If one were looking for a hypercar for the street, IMO the LP640 is better suited to that task than the enzo, and the SV is better than the LP640. enough troll baiting, FNAF.
  24. I'm pretty sure this will surpass Enzo's TG lap
  25. lol

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