LS-powered Volvo P1800

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by 84FordMan, May 20, 2011.

  1. should have left the body stock
  2. *insert generic LSyawn hater comment here*
  3. He was inspired by the Vox P1800, which I don't think ever got past photoshop stage, silly Koenigsegg.
  4. Consider the other popular swap option, the B23FT, and by popular I mean very few people have done it because of space issues.

    LS1 = 350 BHP / 350 ft-lbs
    B23FT = 160 BHP / 184 ft-lbs
  5. disgrace.
  6. Would it still be a disgrace if a Ford/Yamaha 3.4L V8 found it's way between the fenders?
  7. a car like that shouldnt have an engine swap.
  8. Should have used the 2Jay-Z, maybe with NAS
  9. Agreed, and needs less ugly wheels.
  10. should of dropped a bugatti W16 quat turbo ingine in there
  11. Love love love the idea, Hate hate hate the execution.
  12. He should had used a Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine instead.
  13. What would you have done?
  14. a friend of mine is doing a P1800 with a turbo engine from the 850 T. I think that will work very well.
  15. at least that i can understand. a volvo with another volvo engine.
  16. it'll either be that engine or a turbo motor out of a 740, he hasn't quite decided yet.
  17. just love the wheels
  18. The spirit of the car is not confined within just the engine.
  19. and the wheels. awful
  20. I've seen this car before, and I still think it's awful.

    They should have used the Yamaha V8 from the XC90 instead, or even the twin-turbo I6 from the S80.

    I've seen a 240 with the S80 T6 motor, such a great swap.
  21. Which was my thinking with the Yamaha V8 3.4L. You can get your hands on one of those much easier (And cheaper) than the 4.4L, plus a much larger community dedicated to the repair and modification of them.
  22. Brand new crossmember with coilovers and Wilwood brakes.
  23. oh god that shock mounting makes me want to cry. A arms in pure bending in the worst way possible.
  24. That is pretty retarded.

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